Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shopping and some presents ^-^

This week I went shopping a few accessories and my order from Bodyline arrived *_*

First I went to H&M:
H&M children's departement 8€
 I think nearly every Lolita in Germany bought this Bambi collar xD But it has good quality, the fake fur looks pretty and is very soft, although it's a bit tight because it's made for children. But Bambi fur is hard to get, so if you have the chance to get it then... get it!
H&M children's departement 1€
 I got this for only 1€!!! It's made of velvet and it fits perfectly for Christmas ♥

H&M 8€
When I wear this bow belt I feel like a present *_* It's huge!


Also my bodyline order arrived, but it was disappointing because the jumper doesn't fit me :( 
 It looks very cute when it lies on my bed, but it's too short and the full shirring and balloon pants make me look fat! So if you aren't a small and slim person, I wouldn't recommend buying it!
But look at my new heart glasses from Bodyline, they are perfect :D


And now I want to show you some presents I got.
A friend of mine is a huge fan of Tasty Peach Studios, and when she showed me the website, I found the items so cute that she has also ordered something for me ^-^
You can see the Pegasus horse, a Deco Cake and Princess Celestia (from My litte Pony *_*). The necklaces are just perfect for me!
If you also like them, you should check out the shop: 


The last thing I want to show you is my new advent calendar:
Isn't it stylish??? ♥ My mother gave it to me, and since I don't want to eat so much chocolate anymore she bought me a small one which contains only 20g in total. That means I eat only 0,83g chocolate per day... isn't this a perfect diet? xDDD

Which advent calendars do you have?

Thank you for reading! ♥♥♥

Monday, November 21, 2011

Icing Sugar - little review

Yesterday my new gorgeous necklace from Icing Sugar, a Lolita indie brand, arrived *_* Duplica found it and because I also liked it so much, we ordered it together.

Image Source
original picture by Icing Sugar

 In the package were two pink paperbags with the necklaces (which were closed with a strawberry tape ♥), a lovely letter, a calling card and a little sign with the brand logo. There were also two lollipops, but since I unpacked the package at a train station and the lollipops were broken, I've thrown them away.

 Like you can see, the necklace isn't as pink as in the picture above, but I like this colour much more! It also has tags which looks very professional ^-^

The letters are little mirrors!

Even the closure is a heart! ♥♥♥


The letters are made of plastic, which is good because they're sooo light that it feels like I'm not even wearing a necklace xD But I'm a bit afraid that the letters will scratch quickly.

All in all, the necklace has a very unique design, the package was lovely and arrived quickly, and the communication to the shop owner was great. But it costs around 20€ + 8€ shipping, which is a bit expensive in my eyes.

Here's the link to the shop: ~*~ Icing Sugar ~*~

She doesn't sell the SUGAR-necklace officially anymore, but you can just ask her and she will make it for you (Duplica has found the first picture on a Tumblr, so we could order it even it wasn't in the shop xD)

I hope you like the review, and if you buy this neckace or something else, please tell me :D ♥♥♥

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New bear hoodie

I wanted a bear hoodie for sooo long, but I couldn't find one, so I bought a fleecy hoodie and added the ears myself!



With my twin :-P

Here you can also see my new mirror *_*

It was very easy to make the ears, but I had to remove the bags of the hoodie because I needed the fabric for the ears xD

I like all types of ears, but bear ears are the cutest! Also bunny ears look stupid if you're wearing the hood :(
I think it's funny: when I started with Lolita, I have often read that you should never wear animal ears because that looks like a costume, but then I have seen many Lolitas with them and wondered that they wear it anyway. But in my opinion, ears that are attached to a hoodie don't actually look like a costume accesoire, and probably because I like OTT-Lolita, I don't even find rabbit ears as a headdress bad xD Only cat ears look like a costume for me.
~*~ What do you think about it? ~*~

Thank you for reading! =^.^=

Monday, November 14, 2011

Kanon x Kanon Concert

On Satursay I attended the Kanon x Kanon concert. It was a concert of Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon from An Cafe. At first, Wakeshima peformed some of her solo songs, which were all songs I really liked, for example Lolitawork Libretto. But she has only sung for half an hour. After this, Kanon came on the stage as a DJ and remixed some Anime songs for half an hour. Just a few people danced, including me, but Kanon didn't encouraged the audience to dance, so it wasn't surprising. At the end, both Kanons peformed their two common songs, and then a few Anime songs.
All in all I liked the concert, but since I usually don't hear Anime songs and had to drive 6 hours just for 1,5 hours of concert, I was a bit disappointed. Also there were no autographs :(

There were just a few Lolitas, most people have worn Visual Kei or Kigurumis xD

Some pictures:

Kanon Wakeshima - I think she worn an AATP dress
Kanon as a DJ - you can see there were not many people at the concert...
bad backgrounds are bad xD -  my outfit
I like the bow on the collar :D

Since we're talking about concerts, I want to mention that I decided to wear only pink to concerts :D In my opinion there are too many people wearing black. I know, it is practical because black clothes don't become dirty so fast, and most band shirts are black, but it is soo boring and I don't mind when a cheap pink shirt becomes dirty xD So my next concert will be from a Metal band and I will be wearing pink, but I think an AP dress and a petticoat are not good ideas, so I want to buy this jumper from Bodyline for it:
I hope it fits me, because so far I had no luck with dresses and skirts from Bodyline ^^'

 ~*~ Now I'm very curious about what you are wearing to concerts? ~*~

Thank you for reading <3

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kawaii Sanrio Wallpaper

I found a website with totally cute wallpapers for your desktop! I couldn't even decide which one I want to use *_*

meowwwww ♥♥♥

And did you know, that the first Sanrio Character was Spunky Burro and not Hello Kitty?
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
But I think that it didn't sold very well, you can't find any products of it... not that I want some xD

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pictures from Saturday + TV

Here are the pictures from Saturday:

Kitty is missing on the picture, because she was the photographer ^^'
I only bought the dress because of the Eiffel Tower xD

Aaand I was in TV in a Lolita-Outfit for like 1 second xD But seriously, this is a really interesting documentation about the japanese people in Düsseldorf, I recommend watching it! Now I know why there live so many of them. You can watch it here:

Have fun =^.^=

Monday, November 7, 2011

in Düsseldorf ♥

On Saturday I met with May, Ayraleona and a friend of her in Düsseldorf. Some weeks ago we met us with three other girls for a little video project, and we had so much fun that we wanted to meet us again, but only three of us could come this saturday ^^'

So, the things you ALWAYS do when you are in Düsseldorf: drink Bubble Tea, eat in a Japanese restaurant and make Purikuras xD Of course we did all three things, and I enjoyed it so much ♥

Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home, so I have to wait for the pictures of my outfit from the other girls, but I can show you our awesome purikuras:

I love to make stupid faces xD
May can decorate the puris very good :D

 I also bought an ice cream pendant, which I want to use for my ice cream OTT Lolita outfit:

 I love the quality of them, you can buy them at the OCS store for only 2,20€. But to be honest I don't even have a dress for my OTT outfit xD If I have saved enough money, I want to buy the Milky Planet OP in pink ♥

And something funny, what happened to me on that day: As I waited for the train in my hometown, I met a new Lolita who wanted to attend a local convention. She also had to take the same train like me, so we could talk a bit longer. And in Düsseldorf I also met three Lolitas I know (and they were also dressed in Lolita) xD

Thursday, November 3, 2011

my nails ^^

I love to buy cosmetics, because they aren't expensive and I'm a bit shopping-addicted like every woman, so I always have to buy something new xD Today I found an awesome nail polish! I love it when they are sparkling and shiny, and this one looked like a pastel rainbow, so I had to buy it! It is from 'essence' from their new line 're-mix your style', and the color is #01 ^.^

And do you also know the problem, that cheap nail polish is sparkling great in the bottle, but not after it dried on you nails? I had the problem for a long time, but the secret is to use a very shiny transparent nail polish as a top coat, so it will sparkle like hell again :D

   ♣   ♥  

I like to paint motifs on my nails, but I am very bad at it, especially when I have to paint with my left hand. So I discovered a great trick: You can paint the motifs with your nail polish on plastic foil, and after it dried you can easily remove it and fix it with transparent polish on your nails. It's so simple but this idea never came into my mind. If you want to draw small lines, you can use toothpicks as brushes. Here is my first try:

   ♣   ♥  
Thank you for reading~ <3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Post!

Welcome to my new blog, this is my first entry :D I will try to write in English, I hope I don't write too horrible xD

It took me hours to create the header, because I have no photo editing skills, and after I uploaded it here, I found it ugly and created a new one in less then 1 hour xD But I find it strange that the header has good quality in my editing programme, but in my blog it is pixelated :(

I'm so excited, because next week is the concert of Kanon Wakeshima, and I read today that Emilie Autumn also has a concert next year in Germany, and you can buy VIP-Tickets for it, which aren't very expensive. But the problem is: I don't have a credit card to buy the tickets in the pre-sale :( I hope they aren't sold-out in the official sale!

And I want to show you my new Lolita wall.

I bought the pink and purple frames for cheap in a children store. Unfortunately, they didn't have many, so I've bought all xD

I decorated it with postcards, autographs, stickers and a picture that my friend Nyanko draw for me ^.^

Enough for today, thank you for reading my first post~ <3
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