Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Post!

Welcome to my new blog, this is my first entry :D I will try to write in English, I hope I don't write too horrible xD

It took me hours to create the header, because I have no photo editing skills, and after I uploaded it here, I found it ugly and created a new one in less then 1 hour xD But I find it strange that the header has good quality in my editing programme, but in my blog it is pixelated :(

I'm so excited, because next week is the concert of Kanon Wakeshima, and I read today that Emilie Autumn also has a concert next year in Germany, and you can buy VIP-Tickets for it, which aren't very expensive. But the problem is: I don't have a credit card to buy the tickets in the pre-sale :( I hope they aren't sold-out in the official sale!

And I want to show you my new Lolita wall.

I bought the pink and purple frames for cheap in a children store. Unfortunately, they didn't have many, so I've bought all xD

I decorated it with postcards, autographs, stickers and a picture that my friend Nyanko draw for me ^.^

Enough for today, thank you for reading my first post~ <3


  1. Hi,

    I never commented on any of your LJ entries since we friended each other but I've been reading most of your entries and I'll try to comment more and mostly here from time to time.

    I don't see that many pixels in your header, but my screen doesn't have that high of a resolution to begin with.

    The wall turned out very cute. Aside from a few posters all of my walls are clinically white and it annoys me from time to time, but apparently never enough to paint them over with warmer colored paints or hang up more pictures/posters.

    And I seriously don't know why there are still so many shops that allow credit cards only. Paypal, webmoney are widely acknowledged and simple in use, and still there are these special shops which refuse to offer this service. I don't have a credit card and it happens way too often that I still cannot buy an item I want because of that.

    In any case, I hope that you'll get the tickets. Unfortunately no artists who interest me want to come to Germany at the moment, so I am just sulking and envying the rest of the world for being able to see them.

    (Other than that, I am astounded that blogspot allows the animated poupee widget.)

  2. Deine Wand ist total süß!!! ^-^
    Bei mir wird erst alles lolitatauglich wenn ich ausziehe - für 2 jahre rennovieren lohnt iwie nicht xD

    du sag mal wie richtet man eigentlich die seiten ein? D: (oben zum klicken, home und so)

  3. Oh und das Pony auf deinem Bett kommt mir bekannt vor ;3


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