Monday, November 7, 2011

in Düsseldorf ♥

On Saturday I met with May, Ayraleona and a friend of her in Düsseldorf. Some weeks ago we met us with three other girls for a little video project, and we had so much fun that we wanted to meet us again, but only three of us could come this saturday ^^'

So, the things you ALWAYS do when you are in Düsseldorf: drink Bubble Tea, eat in a Japanese restaurant and make Purikuras xD Of course we did all three things, and I enjoyed it so much ♥

Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home, so I have to wait for the pictures of my outfit from the other girls, but I can show you our awesome purikuras:

I love to make stupid faces xD
May can decorate the puris very good :D

 I also bought an ice cream pendant, which I want to use for my ice cream OTT Lolita outfit:

 I love the quality of them, you can buy them at the OCS store for only 2,20€. But to be honest I don't even have a dress for my OTT outfit xD If I have saved enough money, I want to buy the Milky Planet OP in pink ♥

And something funny, what happened to me on that day: As I waited for the train in my hometown, I met a new Lolita who wanted to attend a local convention. She also had to take the same train like me, so we could talk a bit longer. And in Düsseldorf I also met three Lolitas I know (and they were also dressed in Lolita) xD

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