Monday, November 14, 2011

Kanon x Kanon Concert

On Satursay I attended the Kanon x Kanon concert. It was a concert of Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon from An Cafe. At first, Wakeshima peformed some of her solo songs, which were all songs I really liked, for example Lolitawork Libretto. But she has only sung for half an hour. After this, Kanon came on the stage as a DJ and remixed some Anime songs for half an hour. Just a few people danced, including me, but Kanon didn't encouraged the audience to dance, so it wasn't surprising. At the end, both Kanons peformed their two common songs, and then a few Anime songs.
All in all I liked the concert, but since I usually don't hear Anime songs and had to drive 6 hours just for 1,5 hours of concert, I was a bit disappointed. Also there were no autographs :(

There were just a few Lolitas, most people have worn Visual Kei or Kigurumis xD

Some pictures:

Kanon Wakeshima - I think she worn an AATP dress
Kanon as a DJ - you can see there were not many people at the concert...
bad backgrounds are bad xD -  my outfit
I like the bow on the collar :D

Since we're talking about concerts, I want to mention that I decided to wear only pink to concerts :D In my opinion there are too many people wearing black. I know, it is practical because black clothes don't become dirty so fast, and most band shirts are black, but it is soo boring and I don't mind when a cheap pink shirt becomes dirty xD So my next concert will be from a Metal band and I will be wearing pink, but I think an AP dress and a petticoat are not good ideas, so I want to buy this jumper from Bodyline for it:
I hope it fits me, because so far I had no luck with dresses and skirts from Bodyline ^^'

 ~*~ Now I'm very curious about what you are wearing to concerts? ~*~

Thank you for reading <3

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