Thursday, November 3, 2011

my nails ^^

I love to buy cosmetics, because they aren't expensive and I'm a bit shopping-addicted like every woman, so I always have to buy something new xD Today I found an awesome nail polish! I love it when they are sparkling and shiny, and this one looked like a pastel rainbow, so I had to buy it! It is from 'essence' from their new line 're-mix your style', and the color is #01 ^.^

And do you also know the problem, that cheap nail polish is sparkling great in the bottle, but not after it dried on you nails? I had the problem for a long time, but the secret is to use a very shiny transparent nail polish as a top coat, so it will sparkle like hell again :D

   ♣   ♥  

I like to paint motifs on my nails, but I am very bad at it, especially when I have to paint with my left hand. So I discovered a great trick: You can paint the motifs with your nail polish on plastic foil, and after it dried you can easily remove it and fix it with transparent polish on your nails. It's so simple but this idea never came into my mind. If you want to draw small lines, you can use toothpicks as brushes. Here is my first try:

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Thank you for reading~ <3

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