Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New bear hoodie

I wanted a bear hoodie for sooo long, but I couldn't find one, so I bought a fleecy hoodie and added the ears myself!



With my twin :-P

Here you can also see my new mirror *_*

It was very easy to make the ears, but I had to remove the bags of the hoodie because I needed the fabric for the ears xD

I like all types of ears, but bear ears are the cutest! Also bunny ears look stupid if you're wearing the hood :(
I think it's funny: when I started with Lolita, I have often read that you should never wear animal ears because that looks like a costume, but then I have seen many Lolitas with them and wondered that they wear it anyway. But in my opinion, ears that are attached to a hoodie don't actually look like a costume accesoire, and probably because I like OTT-Lolita, I don't even find rabbit ears as a headdress bad xD Only cat ears look like a costume for me.
~*~ What do you think about it? ~*~

Thank you for reading! =^.^=

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