Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shopping and some presents ^-^

This week I went shopping a few accessories and my order from Bodyline arrived *_*

First I went to H&M:
H&M children's departement 8€
 I think nearly every Lolita in Germany bought this Bambi collar xD But it has good quality, the fake fur looks pretty and is very soft, although it's a bit tight because it's made for children. But Bambi fur is hard to get, so if you have the chance to get it then... get it!
H&M children's departement 1€
 I got this for only 1€!!! It's made of velvet and it fits perfectly for Christmas ♥

H&M 8€
When I wear this bow belt I feel like a present *_* It's huge!


Also my bodyline order arrived, but it was disappointing because the jumper doesn't fit me :( 
 It looks very cute when it lies on my bed, but it's too short and the full shirring and balloon pants make me look fat! So if you aren't a small and slim person, I wouldn't recommend buying it!
But look at my new heart glasses from Bodyline, they are perfect :D


And now I want to show you some presents I got.
A friend of mine is a huge fan of Tasty Peach Studios, and when she showed me the website, I found the items so cute that she has also ordered something for me ^-^
You can see the Pegasus horse, a Deco Cake and Princess Celestia (from My litte Pony *_*). The necklaces are just perfect for me!
If you also like them, you should check out the shop: 


The last thing I want to show you is my new advent calendar:
Isn't it stylish??? ♥ My mother gave it to me, and since I don't want to eat so much chocolate anymore she bought me a small one which contains only 20g in total. That means I eat only 0,83g chocolate per day... isn't this a perfect diet? xDDD

Which advent calendars do you have?

Thank you for reading! ♥♥♥

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