Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy 4th Advent

Yesterday I visited my friend, and after this I went to the city to buy a few things. Usually I don't like buying christmas presents in the last week before christmas but I didn't had time before >-< I also bought some cute things for me:

 A white Eyeshadow which I need for christmas, and two lip balms from Claire's. I always buy my lip balms there, because their packaging always looks very cute! The right one should be with cookie flavour, but it's more a random sweet flavour xD

 And I bought new earmuffs because it was very cold yesterday, and they have a rose pattern! (sorry for the strange colours in the second picture, I had to change them with my photo editor because black is so difficult to photograph <_<):


And are you ready for christmas? I'm totally not, because I want to craft a present for my grandma and I don't have much time and now I even don't have glue! This is how it should look:

And this is how it does look:
Aaaaaargh xD
I just cutted the front, but I have to cut everything again because this is a window picture which should look pretty from both sides ^^'

I hope you are better organised than me!

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