Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy belated International Lolita Day

Finally I got some pictures from my friend Yuki! Thank you so much ♥

On Saturday I celebrated the ILD with some friends at the shopping mall "CentrO" in Oberhausen. Of course we were shopping, ate something and took a look at the christmas market afterwards, so not really much to talk about xD Except that many people asked us if we weere advertising something xD

Here are the pictures:
Aren't the big presents in the background lovely?

with our winter coats

from left to right: Doro, Yuki, Ami, Evangeline and me ^_^

I decided to wear something really christmas-ish. I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but my thights were sparkling!

My purchases:
I bought a hardcore sparkling eye shadow (Claire's - 4,95€), a candy cane for our christmas tree (Nanu Nana - 1,50€) and a real candy cane (Nanu Nana - 0,75€). I wanted to take pictures with the real candy cane, but I forgot it :(

The coming weekend will also be full of Lolita, because on Saturday I'm meeting Evangeline again to visit the christmas market in Bonn (which I saw so often that I know everything by heart, but I love to show it to other people xD), and on Sunday I'm attending a Lolita Fashion show!

I hope you all had a wonderful ILD, or at least a wonderful saturday, maybe I will get a better picture of my outfit from my other friend, then I can show it to you too. Thank you for reading!

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