Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Salon Japonaise - Lolita Fashion Show

On Sunday was the "Salon Japonaise" at the Hall of Art in Bonn,where our Lolita community organised a Lolita fashion show. The hall has currently two exhibitions about Anime and Victorian clothing, so Lolita fits perfectly to it! The focus of the show was historical clothing, so all models have worn the more classical styles. Since I don't own any Classic Lolita dresses, someone lent me Alice Portrait from Btssb ♥
We had to walk 4 times, and at the first time we had a really big audience! I was very happy about this because it makes a lot of fun to walk in front of many people, and it's nice to know that many people are interested in your fashion and that it was worth to put so much effort in your styling and outfit! At the last show there were no longer many people there, but still enough because our stage was right in front of a Café xD

Here is my Outfit (thanks again to Yuki for the picture, because this time I forgot my cam at home -.-)

me and Yuki...
...Yuki and me xD
Our outfits fit perfectly together, don't they? ♥ And I think the color suits me very well, I should buy a dress in this color (but not the same dress, because it was a bit too tight xD). When I get more pictures, I will show you them!

all 20 models

For me, the fashion show was more like a Lolita meet up, because between the shows we talked a lot, took pictures, visited the exhibitions and ate cake xD And I could met many of my Lolita friends again, that was sooo great too!

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