Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas baubels

Hello dears!

I hope you had nice christmas! Aaah today is the last day of the year 2012! But before I start to celebrate the new year I want to go back to christmas and show you some baubles I bought! On the first day after christmas holydays, all shops did a -50% sale on their christmas decoration, so I headed to the city to buy some crazy baubels! Next year I want to buy a pink or white christmas tree for my small apartment :D

I want to show you them:

Unicorn and a knight with his horse

Mermaid, wizard and a princess

Hedgehog, swan and a teddy bear

Bath ducks and a snail

My favourite ones! A pink sparkling pig and Lady Tortoise


I love birds!! But there was only one in the shop :( And a sun and a teddy balon

A christmas girl and a Tiramisu *yamyam*

Yes I loooove kitsch! How do you like them? Would you hang such baubels on your tree? Happy new year~~~

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rose breakfast // Meowchis

Hello hello my dears~ <3

A few days ago I visited the christmas market, and there was an awesome booth with many Rose products! I already admired it last year so much, because Rose is my favourite flower. I love the look, the color, the taste, the smell... everything ^_^

So this year I decided to buy some items. I bought Rose candy, Rose tea, Rose soap and Rose jam! Here are the items:

The soap already has its place in my bathroom ~ it makes the whole room smelling like Roses :D

To try all the items, I made a little Rose breakfast with my pretty tea porcelain:

 Yes the tea and jam look more orange than pink, but still taste like Roses.

The Rose jam is only made from sugar (honey) with rose blooms. I don't like honey that much so I think I will use it to sweeten my tea in the future :)
Unfortunately I didn't knew before that the candy doesn't contain any Roses, it has only the shape of it :(

 The tea is made from 100% Rose leaves! So tasteful~

And now to add a little bit ~*~ kawaii ~*~ to my post xD A friend gave me a cute little Meowchi as a present :) It's from her favourite shop Tasty Peach Studios. Their stuff is so unbelievable kawaiiiii you have to check it out! xD


Meowchi is inspired by japanese Mochi, that's why she looks like a candy ball ^^

Together with her new friends xD

I got also some pendants with Meowchis, and the Cotton Candy Llama *awwww* :DDD

So, enough cuteness for today! Thank you for reading <3333

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Cafe

Hello my dears~

On the 2nd Advent, my friend Asukatze invited me for a little Lolita Chirstmas party. She baked a christmas cake, some cookies, made green fruits punch, cooked for us in the evening and decorated everything so lovely! She put so much effort in it, so I was pretty disappointed by some people who decided not to come in the very last second!! But we had a nice day anyway :)

Here my christmas outfit, I hope I can make some pictures in the snow with it... but all the snow is already melted and I don't think it will snow this winter again :(

 And the christmas cake ~ of course with pink glitter!

In less than 1 week is christmas ~ are you excited? ♪♫

Monday, December 10, 2012

Recent shopping stuff and outfit

Hello my dears~~~ <3

Today I want to show you some of my new purchases, and an outfit from friday ^-^

On friday we had the first snow in our city!! Last year it didn't snowed the whole winter but this time we had a lot of snow - well not that much in comparision to other parts of the world, but I live in a warm area in Germany so we don't have it often and it melts quickly ^^''
However I was very happy about this, plus on the evening I wanted to go to a concert from Magali Mosnier, a french flutist. I played the flute myself for more then 10 years now and a few years ago my mother bought me a CD from her, that's why I know her xD And she wanted to play my favourite piece for flute on the concert (Fantasie by G. Fauré ♥), of course I had to go!! So I dressed up in a snow coord ^-^

But I have to say I was a bit disappointed, well she played perfect but she played easy pieces, I would have preferred more difficult ones xD But on the other side I found a new piece I want to learn, so still good :)

And now some purchases:

 Finally I found the perfect crown necklace I've ever wanted! I bought it from Gorgeous Barbie, it was self-made by her ^-^ And the shop owner is sooo soo cute!

Then I found a muff (is it the same word in english? I don't know ^^') at the Christmas Market. My friend Evangeline has the same one and as you maybe already know, we're planning the perfect Litte Bears Cafe twin coordination ^_^

 This are two rose waist belts. I found them for very cheap on Ebay (only 3€ each shipped!) I think my friend Yuki posted them a while ago on her blog, that's how I found them ^^ They have very good quality!

Now some cosmetics:

I desperately needed bottom lashes and heavy upper lashes, because I want to try out the 'extended eye' Gyaru make-up, so I bought very cheap one from Ebay. They needed 4 weeks to arrive but only cost around 1,75€ per 10 pieces shipped! I post them because it is always hit or miss with the quality, but I tried all of them and I can recommend them very much! Here you go: Bottom, Upper 1, Upper 2

This Caviar pearls are very popular now! I tried them but to be honest I'm not too satisfied with them. I bought the expensive set from Ciaté, but the problem is that the paint of the pearls is bleeding. When you apply the pearls to your fingers, it looks like in the bottle, but then if you apply top coat, it starts to look messy -.- Also, it holds only for 1-2 days.

This is Liquid Eyeliner from Rival de Loop (Rossmann)! It's clear eyeliner with a lot of glitter, and it looks really pretty on your eye, perfect for a christmas winter look :) And it only costs 2€!

 Yeees it's a Twilight Saga lipstick xD But I bought it because of the color: gold *_* It's from Essence and also pretty cheap, around 2,50€.

At last I want to mention a small blog update, I now added a "Contact Me" page, so you can write me a private message if you want. You find it at the top of the blog or here <3

In my next post I will write about the Christmas Party from today, see you then <3333

Monday, December 3, 2012

International Lolita Day / Jinli's birthday

Yesterday was International Lolita Day and also my friend Jinli organized a little Meet-up because she wanted to celebrate her birthday - perfect timing :D

First, we went into our favourite restaurant Cartoon - well I came 3 hours later but when I arrived, the others just got their food so I wasn't really to late xD Then we went through the Christmas market. Of course I bought cotton candy and roasted almonds, this are my favourite foods! Some wanted to drive the ferris wheel, but some of us (including me) had fear of hights so we waited, and in this time a few people came to us and gave my friends very nice comments for their outfits (I didn't wore Lolita). Then we wanted to look at the stalls but it was so full that I got tired of it after 5 minutes xD After a little shopping we all went home. For me it ended too quickly but luckily Evangeline came with me for 1-2 hours to eat the rest of our candy xD
I'm happy that the next 2 weekends I will also have other Christmas meets :D I'm already excited!



So colorful <3

What did you on ILD? Wish you a nice week~ ♫

Monday, November 26, 2012

100 Lolita Questionaire: 41 - 50

41. What kind of lace do you prefer?
I love patterned lace and tulle lace and also the big crocheted lace you can find on some Btssb and AP cardigans.

42. Do you have a doll? Tell us about her.
No but I want to buy all of the collaboration BJD's with Lolita brands xD But I don't think I will start soon to collect them because they are so expensive. My favourite one is Sucre:

43. What's inside your Lolita bag?
Lot's of make up because I "sometimes" oversleep and have to finish my styling in the train xD And of course Hello Kitty mobile phone, Hello Kitty nose tissues, iPod, money for food (like all Lolitas I also have no time to breakfast xD) and something to drink.

44. What is your favourite flower?
Roses!!! Pattern, candy, soap, I love it all!
I love this candy but you can only buy it in France and Belgium... at least I haven't found it in Germany yet!

45. Right now, what is your favourite accessory?
My pink hat, because it's cold outside, I don't have to do any special hair-do (because I just can't do them xD) and it still looks cute and matches to my outfits!

46. Do you use any specific make-up brand? Tell us about it.
When I buy make-up I don't look for specific brands, I just search everywhere until I find what I want. But I like MAC very much, it's a bit expensive but worth the price! (Btw if you want to make cheap bargains I recommend

47. Do you use false eyelashes?
Yes! For me I look definitly better on pictures with fake lashes and I also think, if you wear heavy make up and flashy outfits, it looks better for everyone ^^ I have a ton at home but most of them are unused xD

48. What is your typical eye makeup ?
I try to make my eyes look bigger, basically I follow this tutorial: Klick <3 But I nearly always wear pink eyeshadow!

49. What lip color do you prefer?
Pink! I have around 15 lipsticks and lip glosses in all shades of pink. And I still don't have enough xD

50. How do you do your nails?
Usually I use clear polish with glitter in it, but for Lolita I match the color to my outfit.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Did I forgot to post about my own meet-up?

Answer: Noooo xD

I was just too lazy, because... well... the meet-up wasn't seriously the best... I think it was the worst I've ever attended xD I can say this because I organized it xD
The meet-up was on 1st November, and it was Halloween themed. We wanted to visit a ruin, and we planned it 2 month before, but then a few days before I found out that the ruin was closed that day! But we decided to go there anyway because the buildings around the ruin are also pretty. When I woke up in the morning, I thought "Yay it doesn't rain and it isn't that cold, perfect!" but when we arrived at the ruin, it started to rain like hell and it didn't stopped! It was also very cold and windy. I was really surprised that still 35 people came, I think if I weren't the organizer I would have probably stayed at home xD We wanted to take pictures for 1,5 hours but we reduced it to 40min xD When we wanted to take pictures in front of the pretty buildings around the ruin, a really unfriendly old bitch came and shouted at us that we should leave because this was property of the church etc. Yes there was a church but could we know that the whole street belonged to the church? Nooo! But we found some trees and bushes so we took our outfit pictures there xD
Then we drove to the Cafe. It was nice but the waiters seemed to be overwhelmed with our group. Also they didn't bought enough milk so only a few people could order hot chocolate... I mean we reserved for 40 people over 2 weeks before, shouldn't a CAFE have tons of milk in the kitchen anyway??? And the best thing was, the waiters booked all orders at one bill... so when nearly everyone paid and some people already left and took the train back, a waiter told me that 2 items weren't paid yet, but they didn't belonged to the remaining people. But he told us that we still have to pay the items X_X Well I didn't really thought much in this situation, now I think I just should have blamed the Cafe for their fault but on that day, 2 friends were so nice to pay the items. On the same evening I wrote to all people about the situation, but OF COURSE nobody has answered yet and I don't think they will ever do.

The meet-up ended pretty soon, I think after 3-4 hours? Yes we spent a long time at the Cafe, at least everyone seemed to have much fun at the Cafe talking with old and new friends!

Although it rained, I still managed to get a nice picture of my outfit and it looks like the sun is shining xD

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