Sunday, January 15, 2012


Yesterday I was in Cologne with my friend Evangeline. We wanted to go to "Royal Cupcakes" and try their cupcakes again (the last time we bought some there was in summer on a very hot day: we bought the cupcakes and walked with them around 1 hour, and after we found a nice place in the shadows, we ate the cupcakes and they tasted horrible -.-). This time the cupcakes were a bit better but I'm still not a fan of them, because the cream tastes like sugar... not that I hate sugar (I looove candy cotton), but I don't think it's delicious on top of a cupcake. Maybe I'm also a bit spoiled by a great Cupcake-store in Vienna, which I visited with some local Lolitas last year, and they were so big and delicious *_*

hungry Evangeline *o*


A little girl asked her mom if I were a ballerina xD

After this we went to some stores, but I didn't bought anything, and then we ate Sushi at our favorite restaurant: Sushi'n'more at Cologne central station. You have to try it, it's the best Sushi in town!


This week I also bought some Lolita items and I hope they will arrive soon! And I'm working on a Fairy Kei order, I already found some items but I can't decide which items I should take xD

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