Sunday, January 8, 2012

In Düsseldorf with friends ♥

Yesterday I was in Düsseldorf with Yuki, May and Saskia. We did the same like always: Purikura, eating in a japanese restaurant, buying maize ice cream (yes, maize, with real maize in it) and drinking bubble tea (dammit I drank too much of it the last days, I can't see it anymore xD).

Our Puris:

I like this one because we all look so pretty here :D

My Outfit:

dress, bag, shoes: Angelic Pretty
jacket, flower: H&M
tights: Calzedona

Our other pictures:
Taking Purikura




stealing Mr. Fluffypuff Pony

It was very windy yesterday xD

While we drunk bubble tea, May and Saskia said they want to organise a Lolita meet-up, and I said I want a Pony meet-up, and after talking and talking we had the idea to make a new event series called "Royal Pony" xD Yeah, we are really serious about that name and we want to make the most lovely meet-ups ever :D So stay tuned for more information about this!

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