Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Wardrobe + Meme

In case you don't know it, there is a wardrobe theme at the egl-Community on Livejournal, and everyone is posting their wardrobes, including me ^_^
If you want to see what is in my wardrobe, please follow this link:

And I did a little Lolita meme about my wardrobe, style etc. (stolen from dandelion_cloud @ LJ):


What colors can be found in your Lolita closet?
mainly pink, white, cream, red, black

What is your favorite color with Lolita?


Which uncommon color would you want to try out sometime?
Gold, I know it's not that uncommon but a whole golden dress is!


Are you more of a onepiece, jumperskirt or skirt person?
I can't decide because all three styles fit me good. I like skirts because you can create more different outfits than with dresses, but I also like dresses because your outfits look more decorated.

Which neckline is your favorite?
square necks on dresses, round necks on blouses

Print or no print?
Print! Or at least a little bit decoration, otherwise it looks boring ^^'

What does a dress/skirt have to look like for it to be a "I must have it" for you?
~ it is in my favorite colors
~ the print is clearly visible (not like Jewellery Jelly from AP, I can't even identify the print when I see the dress in real life O_O)
~ I can make a whole coordination in my head with it (I have maaany dream coords in my head, also with items in plain colors)


What is your favorite Lolita style(s)?
Sweet!, Country, Hime, Casual

Which style would you wear regularly?
Sweet, if I had the balls (and enough clothes) for it

Which style would you want to try out?
Sweet-Punk (like Nana Kitade in her old days ♥), EGA, Ero-Lolita (in white x pink)

Which style would you never, ever wear or try out...ever?
~ (Kuro-)Gothic... I would try it on at a friends home, but I would feel very uncomfy in a whole black outfit - that might sound strange because I wear black outfits with my normal wardrobe, but I don't like to look like a Goth ^^'
~ Wa/Qui, because I would feel weird to wear clothes of a culture that isn't mine... don't you think that Japanese people would look strange in a Dirndl? ^^'


Brands: Yes or no and why?
Yes, because they just look super pretty, have good quality and make you feel like a 'real' Lolita.
But also no, because sometimes they have bad quality (like AP bags) and are just not worth their money!

Which brand is your favorite?
Angelic Pretty ♥♥, Baby the stars shine bright ♥, Putumayo, Maxicimam, Motie (their white pieces)

Which is your least favorite brand?
Metamorphose (I don't like any prints of them O_O)


Things that you like about Lolita?
~ you look and feel like a princess
~ you look like a doll
~ the many details of the clothes
~ my friends and other people I get to know through this fashion

Things that you dislike about Lolita?
~ all the hate in online communitys
~ the high prices
~ that there are no physical stores where I live, so I can't try the clothes on and I have to pay high shipping costs
~ that strangers have to harass you because they can't accept that you look different

Does Lolita affect your everyday life?
Yes and no, because I had the typical Lolita lifestyle before I even knew something about the fashion, but through the fashion I learned to live my lifestyle more intensive like I want it, without paying so much attention to what other people think about me

Do you buy Lolita looking things? Like furniture or hats or something?
Yes, everytime I buy something I try to get the most loliable thing I can find ^_^

Do you buy/read the Gothic Lolita Bible?
I already own one issue and I want to collect all of them, but it's a bit pricey so I have many copies saved on my PC ^^'''

How would you describe your fashion style to others?
cute, colorful, as much candy as possible (even with Country Lolita xD)

Thank you for reading! If you do this meme too, please tell me in the comments, I would love to read it :)

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