Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sales Time is Shopping Time!

At the moment every shop has sale! Of course I went to the city to grab some bargains, but unfortunately all the things I wanted to have before the sale were already sold out ;_; But I still found some cute items:

fabulous skirt, perfect for gyaru or hime, Tally Weijl - 9€

H&M - 3€

H&M - 10€ for two tights
This tights are from H&M and for children, but it's size 158-164, and if you are not higher then 164cm and wear not more then size 38-40, you can buy them and they will fit! Trust me, I have this measurements and I can wear them xD

Orsay - 10€
 Look at the pretty rose buttons of the cardigan:

velveteen skirt, H&M - 7€

it's PINK *_____* Claire's - 12€

Tally Weijl - 3€

H&M - 2€ per ring
The rings are made for children and very small, but I read that you can make them wider with hot water!

I really suggest you to go shopping!!! :D

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