Monday, January 30, 2012

Shopping ♥

Waaah, I didn't realise that I haven't posted for more than 10 days O_O But I realised that most of my posts are Shopping posts xD I wish I could give you more outfit posts but my daily outfits aren't that interesting, and I don't wear Lolita so often... but this is something I really want to change in my life! So I hope you aren't bored by my Shopping posts xD

I want you to present my last purchases:

Angelic Pretty Skirt - it's really short so I have to buy a new petticoat x_x

one of my dream items... but it doesn't fit me ;_____;

I looove ice cream, so it became one of my dream items

casual Pullover, but it's piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!

Bunny ears for my OTT-Lolita outfit for our Wonder Egg meet-up in April

Hello Kitty ear muffs - only 1€ at Claire's

cute cat charm, which I already attached to my bag

Bodyline bunny cardigan ♥♥♥
(The last picture is stolen from Google because my bunny cardigan is at my other apartement ^^'''')

Besides that, I'm happy because I ordered my first Fairy Kei items... but I have to wait 2 month for them (because of the shoes -.-)
And I found my dream dress for cheap at an online shop... but I don't have money to buy it xD I have to wait 2 days until my salary comes, and now I'm checking nearly every hour if the dress is still in the webshop... yeah I'm really crazy. AND I'm not even sure if I really want to buy it, because it's plain pink, but I want a dress with OTT-print at the moment... on the other side it is my dream dress and I searched for it so long... hard decisions a Lolita has to make, right?
AP Dream Magic pink
~*~ dreamdress ~*~

My next post will be not about shopping, I swear xD

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