Thursday, February 16, 2012


Before reading, turn on this music for the right atmosphere xD (sorry if you don't like it, but it's the most famous Carnival song ever ^_^)

Today was the first day of the big Carnival celebration. For my international readers: it is a bigger celebration in some areas in Germany, from Thursday to Tuesday, where people dress up in costumes, hear Carnival music, go to partys and watch big parades which are going through the whole city. But for many people it's just "drink as much alcohol as you can in 6 days". I wanted to celebrate it but this night I couldn't sleep very well, so in the morning I decided to continue my beauty-sleep and skip driving in a super crowed train with people who are already drunk at 8 a.m., still drinking beer but can't hold their bottles straight so you are dirty before even starting to party. Also I haven't made ​​an appointment with my friends (because they don't like Carnival) but with some random students from university, so nobody really waited for me to come.

But still I dressed up at home to show you my potential outfit:

Too lazy to make my hair xD
Kim eating ice cream ^_^
My nails ~ kinda mermaid inspired

I know it looks more like an random colorful outfit then sleepwear but whatever xD
Did you celebrated Carnival?

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