Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Tuesday! // Quotes ♫

Hello my dear readers, I wish you a happy Tuesday! I don't know why I do it today, I also could do it tomorrow or yesterday, but today is the day for which I have decided to wish you something nice.
I know, today is also "Valentines Day", but I don't celebrate it, because I'm one of the lonely princesses out there who think that Valentines Day is just a commercial thing so flower and chocolate shops can make great profit on that day. And people can buy nice things for their special ones and make the lonely princesses feel sad. But since I don't celebrate it I can't feel sad, right? xD

I also wish you a happy Tuesday because today I'm happy, yesterday I wasn't. Okay I was happy around midday, because a friend visited me and I got a little cute Tinkerbell chain as a christmas present, but then my Fairy Kei order arrived and everything was just crap. I ordered two shirts, one pair of shoes, one bloomers and a pair of socks. The socks and bloomers were ~okay~, but one shirt had totally wrong colors (the shop has only one color so I ask myself how this could happen), the other shirt looks like a pajamas top and the shoes were broken O_O
Buuut today the shop offered me to return the shoes and shirt for free, so they will refund me. That's make me a bit happier, but now I still don't have clothes I can wear for Fairy Kei, except the bloomers :(
On the other hand, I have now a nice pajama-costume for Carnival on Thursday, isn't this great xD



If you look at the left sidebar, you can find now "Quotes for inspiration". I kind of collect quotes whenever I see a nice one, and I want to share them with you. I will update them every few days. But in case you missed a quote or want to reread them, I will post all written quotes at the ~*~ Quote Page ~*~ (you can find it also on top of my blog). I hope you will like them! :3

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