Monday, February 6, 2012

Little meet-up in Bonn

On saturday I met some of my friends and some new Lolitas in Bonn! We were 6 people and went to "Mirabelle", a new Café which specialty is Hot Chocolate. My friends ordered  hot chocolate with roses and Blue Curacao, and I ordered viscous (dickflüssige) hot chocolate, but it was more like pudding... I don't like pudding -.- But I will definitly visit the Café again to taste their other crazy flavors!

After this we took some pictures but it was sooo cold! I took of my coat but after this I couldn't close it because my hands were so cold! My friend had to close it for me xD

Yep that's hot chocolate *_*

Group shot ♥

Ah my friend looks sooo pretty, doesn't she?

A very new Lolita, it was her first meet-up! She was very nice and lovely ^_^

Bunny ears :D

Why does my dress looks so strange???

I also tried to make matching nails for my dress... I think it looks crappy but at least it doesn't look boring XD
It was supposed to look like Eiffel Towers and a poodle...

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