Thursday, February 9, 2012


I got tagged by Fleurs en Papier, and since I have nothing to do right now I thought I will fill out the questions ^_^ But I had to translate the questions with Google Translator from Portuguese to English, so I'm not really sure if I translated the questions correctly, because I can't speak Portuguese xD

Each person must post 11 things about herself.
Answer the questions of who gave you the tag and create 11 new different questions to pass.
You should choose 11 people to give the tag.
Go to page of these people and tell them what you said to.
The tag does not indicate to whom you have already indicated.

♫ 11 Things about me:
~ I love to sleep, I can do it the whole day but not when I should do it at night xD
~ I love chocolate and eat it even if I react kinda allergic to it
~ I collect Smint and Tictac packages (peppermint bonbons)
~ I have a driver license for 3 years now but since then I never drove a car again
~ I love My little Pony and Hello Kitty
~ I like to craft but I never have ideas what I should craft
~ I like to go to Anime&Manga Conventions even if I don't like Anime and Mangas xD
~ I still sleep with my teddy bear
~ I hear 'My Chemical Romance' if I want to sleep... seriously!!!
~ people say I look younger than my actual age, and I'm happy about this :)
~ I'm very curious ^^'''

♫ 11 Questions to answer:
1 - What are the three things you hate most, and three things you like most?
I really can't decide for three things since I hate and love many things, but I can clearly say I hate cold weather and I love eating :) 

2 - How would you describe your personality?
want to have the control but not that leader-type, shy, very polite to other people even if they don't deserve it, but I can be also be moody, very lazy when it comes to things that don't make fun, daydreamer, funny (at least I think I'm funny, I don't know what other people think xD)

3 - One regret?
That I lost contact to some old friends...
4 - Do you follow a series, magazine or blogs, vlogs, websites? Which one?
~ Series - at the moment: Southpark, CSI Miami, CSI New York, CSI whatever, DSDS (the german version of American Idol), Auf und Davon (about people who leave Germany and travel to other countrys)
~ Blogs: Around 30
~ Vlogs: YTITTY, Kawaii Girl Japan, Michelle Phan, Shelby Cloud, Simon's cat, Coldmirror...
~ Websites: Animexx, Dunkels├╝├č, egl, egl_sales, Facebook...
5 - You can eat much of this without getting sick.
Lasagne,  cotton candy
6 - One thing that you dislike but people do not know what you dislike.
Hmm if I tell you this some people will know it ^_~
7 - Series, drawing or cartoon that you watched in the days of childhood and one you enjoy today.
 When I was a child I spend a lot time in front of the TV, so I could make a huge list of what I watched xD Now I like Spongebob Squarepants, and I like cartoons for adults like Southpark, Simpsons, American Dad and many more ^^'

8 - A goal to accomplish before you die.
To travel around the world
9 - How would you describe your style?
~ Lolita: always cute, even if I wear Country Lolita it should look cute and not too classical, and I nearly always wear my Pony-necklace which every style :D
~ daily: elegant and classy, but I want to change this into a more cute and kawaii style!
10 - First physical attribute that you notice about other people.
I think their body shape
11 - If you're angry, what do you do to relieve stress?
eating chocolate (yes VERY bad habit!!!), doing something that makes me happy like playing the violin 


I'm actually not in a creative mood and I don't now who I should tag, so I don't write questions, sorry ^^''' But thank you very much for reading, and if you want you can answer the same questions like me ^_^

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