Friday, March 30, 2012

Lucky Day...

Today is my lucky day, really! So many nice things happend!
First, I finished my exam yesterday and now I have vacation for 4 days... yay -.- But I have the feeling that I will get a good grade for my exam, so it's okay for me.

Second, I got a new dress today for our Royal Pony Easter Lolita Meet up, so I need to make some accessoires for it. And I finally have time to make a bonnet for another dress. I already cut the hat and some fabric, so now the fun part begins... I want to sew ruffles, but I've never sewn anything before in my life xD

And today I also discovered that I can take Ballett lessons for Beginners at the university! Yes you heard right, I want to start dancing ballett at the age of 20, and I never ever danced before. I don't think that it is impossible, maybe I will never dance en pointe or do good splits, but who cares xD I think it will make fun and this is the important thing for me!

The last thing is, that today a friend wrote me that she feels better and she will wear Lolita again. Something bad in her family happened so she did a break, but I'm very happy that she is back, I missed her!

My new Metamorphose dress ~ Tales of the wood

I love the fawn, and the bunny, and the squirrel, and...

Isn't the print cute?

Today I also realized that I don't own a real Lolita headbow (well I realized it a longer time ago but today I remembered it again because I have no good matching hair accesoires for this dress) and that I also don't own any matching accesoires like socks or jewellery or bags to ANY of my dresses O__O I'm not a good Lolita, I know! xD

So, have a nice evening and if you hear someone curing that's probably me, trying to sew ruffles...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

No time... no time...

I'm sorry that I didn't blog for some days, I just don't have time because of University ;_; I have to write an exam on thursday and I have sooo much to learn, I'm still not finished O_O But after thursday I have a lot more time and I will post interesting stuff! I started several posts with an idea, but I have no time to finish them because I want to make every post perfect, and that needs much time!

So on thursday I will be back!

Have a wonderful week until then and enjoy the first days of spring ♥♥♥

Saturday, March 17, 2012

History of Cheap Dresses & High prices in Japan

Hello princesses!

Today was the first warm weather this year, that means spring is finally coming! ... Well, that has nothing to do with the following content of my post, I just wanted to point that out xD

I want to share two very interesting articles I found.
The first one is The History of a Cheap Dress. Before sewing machines were invented, women owned much less clothing their whole lifes than we buy in a year! And at the beginning of the 19th century, it was common to pay more than 600$ for a dress - which was just a knockoff for this price! If you want to know more about why women closets became bigger and bigger in the last two centuries, check out this article!

 The second one is Why are Prices in Japan so damn high? I know that Lolita fashion is a luxury fashion, that's why the clothes are so expensive, but I also like to read about other japanese fashions, and when I look at the brands - even mainstream brands - they often have high prices. I also heard from other people who travelled to Tokio, that nearly everything there is really expensive. That's why I became interested in this article, and I love it even more because it also gives a little insight in japanese society.

I wish you also a warm weather, hopefully it continious tomorrow because I want to eat ice cream xD

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Meet // Beautiful Dess

On Saturday was a little Lolita Meet-up which was organised by Ami and me. We wanted to wear out our first OTT-Lolita outfits, so we decided to hold a Meet-up with OTT- and Sweet Lolita as dress code xD

We met at Grugapark Essen, but since it is still Winter and the sky was dark from rain clouds, there were no colorful plants and the whole park was just grey. But it wasn't too bad, because in the evening was a nice event: Parkleuchten (Glooming Park). The whole park was lit up with colorful lights and lighting installations. It was soo beautiful but of course, my camera couldn't catch the beautiness ;(

Still I got some nice pictures (most of them are from Ami - thank you for taking them! => visit her blog as well:



I loved the tree with the dresses <3

Pony Power!!!



I love this picture, so much candy xD






Our own light installment xD

We are soo creative, aren't we? xD


And now I want to show you a beautiful Lolita dress. There are many beautiful dresses in the world, but most are brand. This one is off-brand, from the chinese brand "Kidsyoyo". Usually I don't like the chinese brands so much but this one is really stunning:

 I love the color combination wine red x gold, and it has a violin print *_* But I won't buy it in the next time because I have to save up money for my Paris trip in July (besides the fact that spring is coming and this is a winter dress xD)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, have a good night if you aren't already sleeping~

Sunday, March 11, 2012

London Pics

Finally I post my pictures from my trip to London. They are not really spectacular but I want to show you them anyway xD Before, I want to give you some tips what you should visit in London:

♥ Sight Seeing ♥
~ Picadilly Circus
~ Tower Bridge
~ London Tower
~ King's Cross - platform 9 3/4 (if you like Harry Potter xD)
~ Buckingham Palace with Guard Changing and Pony-traffic light xD
~ Big Ben
~ House of Parliament
~ London Eye
~ Westminster Abbey
~ St. Pauls Cathedral

♥ Museums ♥
~ Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum (it's expensive for what you get but if you have nothing to do, you can visit it)
~ Madame Toussauds (they have a 4D-movie now ^__^)
~ Sherlock Holmes Museum (well I was only in the shop, but it's nice to look at the items and the house)
~ ♥♥♥ Victoria & Albert Museum ♥♥♥ (they have maaany great exhibits!)
~ Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood
~ National Art Galerie

♥ Eating and Shopping♥
~ Covent Garden (you can find there many little shops, markets and street performers. Also Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop, Candy Cakes Café and David&Goliah Kawaii Clothing Shop)
~ China Town (many shops and restaurants, also China Market where you can take Purikura)
~ Leadenhall Market
~ Oxford Street
~ Camden Town

Benjamin Pollocks Toy Shop
Candy Cupcakes
Piccadilly Circus
in front of the National Art Gallerie
China Town
Tower Bridge
Yaaay I can go to Hogwarts xD
Pooonys.... okay it's a horse -.-
Buckingham Palace
Guard Changing
Big Ben and House of Parliament
London Eye
Candy Cakes Café again - I drunk Marshmallow Hot Chocolate !!!
This Café is made from candy xD
found in Ripley's
A fish with fur O____O
in the mirror cabinet - I photographed myself ^_^
glooming bear, not Gloomy Bear xD
Aww my favourite actor xD
Where's the highway to hell ? xD
Queen Victoria
I love his music!
Please rescue me!
I think Hulk looks kinda cute in this pic xD
There is a LOT more of beautiful jewellery at V&A Museum!
rolled music instruments ;___;
I think this was a pic about the floors of the tube...
Fish and Chips - yummy!
London Eye at night - It is worth to make sight-seeing also at night!
Big Ben at night
Leadenhall Market
St. Pauls Cathedral
It was 1 meter big! - Found at V&A M. o. Childhood
How to go for a walk with children
a giant puppet house (it was as big as me O_O)
They were not supposed for children but...
... to show other people how rich you were.
a horse-bycicle *____*
one of the first Blythes - invented in the USA!

I also found some interesting facts in the museums, I will post them later but I can't tell you when, because I have also other posts coming up ^_^
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