Friday, March 2, 2012

Help? // Shopping-Time

Hello Princesses! How are you? I hope fine, because I'm still ill ;_; I know princesses don't say this but it really sucks to be ill, don't it?

I want to show you my pictures from London, but first I have to figure out how to create a spoiler... does anyone of my readers know how to do it??? I only found this tutorial, but I want a spoiler were you click on a picture... help please ^.^''' <3

In the meantime I want to show you some items I bought in London and today.

~*~ London ~*~

for my necklaces

Chiffon blouse - bought at Camden Town

Primark - London

Primark London

 These tights are also from Primark - it's so hard to find some in this color! But at Primark they have so many items which are exactly THE style I want in my wardrobe, sadly I have to drive more then 2 hours for the next shop in Germany ;_;
With the tights and shoes I have three new Lolita coordinates... Lolita meet-up anyone??? :D

 ~*~ Today, back in my hometown ~*~

H&M ~ 3€ each

H&M ~ 4€

 Sugar Hearts - I didn't bought them for eating, but I want to make jewellery from it! Like real sweets jewellery, you know what I'm sayin' ;)

Essence ~ 1,75€
 In my last Tagged!-post, there was a question about my favourite item from my make-up collection, and my answer was the rainbow colored nail polish, but that I couldn't find it anywhere anymore. Buuut today I saw that Essence re-released it, so I bought 3 of them, just in case xD

 And today I read that our german Lolita community Dunkels├╝├č has a new photo contest, and the theme is "Easter". You can't really win a price but since I planned an easter bunny Lolita outfit anyway, I want to take part and for this I searched through my old stuffed toys from my childhood and found these bunnies:

Aren't they cuuute? I think the white one belonged to my sister, and the beige one was mine ^_^

Thank you for reading~ ♫

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