Saturday, March 17, 2012

History of Cheap Dresses & High prices in Japan

Hello princesses!

Today was the first warm weather this year, that means spring is finally coming! ... Well, that has nothing to do with the following content of my post, I just wanted to point that out xD

I want to share two very interesting articles I found.
The first one is The History of a Cheap Dress. Before sewing machines were invented, women owned much less clothing their whole lifes than we buy in a year! And at the beginning of the 19th century, it was common to pay more than 600$ for a dress - which was just a knockoff for this price! If you want to know more about why women closets became bigger and bigger in the last two centuries, check out this article!

 The second one is Why are Prices in Japan so damn high? I know that Lolita fashion is a luxury fashion, that's why the clothes are so expensive, but I also like to read about other japanese fashions, and when I look at the brands - even mainstream brands - they often have high prices. I also heard from other people who travelled to Tokio, that nearly everything there is really expensive. That's why I became interested in this article, and I love it even more because it also gives a little insight in japanese society.

I wish you also a warm weather, hopefully it continious tomorrow because I want to eat ice cream xD

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