Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspiration Post: Decorated Parasols

First, a big thank you to Rommily, who showed me how to make cuts with a picture ♥ I'm showing you my London pictures in my next post ^.^

But for now, I want to show you something really pretty: decorated parasols! I found them on the blog ~*~ Sweet Eye Candy Creations ~*~ (Btw she is a decoration queen and makes sooo many beautiful items, you should check out her blog!)

 Look at the puppet *_* (But I think this one is meant for home decoration, I doubt someone would carry it out xD)

I think every Lolita owns at least one parasol, because they give an elegant and princessly addition to an outfit and make it complete. Also it's very hot in Lolita clothes during summer, so they help to stay cool ^.^ But I have to say that I feel uncomfortable wearing a parasol when I'm NOT wearing Lolita, because it looks 'too much' with normal clothes... do you have the same feelings?

I also think that this is a very good idea for a Lolita crafting day or a tea party! I'm definitly making one for me :D

What do you think about them? ♥

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