Sunday, March 11, 2012

London Pics

Finally I post my pictures from my trip to London. They are not really spectacular but I want to show you them anyway xD Before, I want to give you some tips what you should visit in London:

♥ Sight Seeing ♥
~ Picadilly Circus
~ Tower Bridge
~ London Tower
~ King's Cross - platform 9 3/4 (if you like Harry Potter xD)
~ Buckingham Palace with Guard Changing and Pony-traffic light xD
~ Big Ben
~ House of Parliament
~ London Eye
~ Westminster Abbey
~ St. Pauls Cathedral

♥ Museums ♥
~ Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum (it's expensive for what you get but if you have nothing to do, you can visit it)
~ Madame Toussauds (they have a 4D-movie now ^__^)
~ Sherlock Holmes Museum (well I was only in the shop, but it's nice to look at the items and the house)
~ ♥♥♥ Victoria & Albert Museum ♥♥♥ (they have maaany great exhibits!)
~ Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood
~ National Art Galerie

♥ Eating and Shopping♥
~ Covent Garden (you can find there many little shops, markets and street performers. Also Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop, Candy Cakes Café and David&Goliah Kawaii Clothing Shop)
~ China Town (many shops and restaurants, also China Market where you can take Purikura)
~ Leadenhall Market
~ Oxford Street
~ Camden Town

Benjamin Pollocks Toy Shop
Candy Cupcakes
Piccadilly Circus
in front of the National Art Gallerie
China Town
Tower Bridge
Yaaay I can go to Hogwarts xD
Pooonys.... okay it's a horse -.-
Buckingham Palace
Guard Changing
Big Ben and House of Parliament
London Eye
Candy Cakes Café again - I drunk Marshmallow Hot Chocolate !!!
This Café is made from candy xD
found in Ripley's
A fish with fur O____O
in the mirror cabinet - I photographed myself ^_^
glooming bear, not Gloomy Bear xD
Aww my favourite actor xD
Where's the highway to hell ? xD
Queen Victoria
I love his music!
Please rescue me!
I think Hulk looks kinda cute in this pic xD
There is a LOT more of beautiful jewellery at V&A Museum!
rolled music instruments ;___;
I think this was a pic about the floors of the tube...
Fish and Chips - yummy!
London Eye at night - It is worth to make sight-seeing also at night!
Big Ben at night
Leadenhall Market
St. Pauls Cathedral
It was 1 meter big! - Found at V&A M. o. Childhood
How to go for a walk with children
a giant puppet house (it was as big as me O_O)
They were not supposed for children but...
... to show other people how rich you were.
a horse-bycicle *____*
one of the first Blythes - invented in the USA!

I also found some interesting facts in the museums, I will post them later but I can't tell you when, because I have also other posts coming up ^_^

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