Friday, March 30, 2012

Lucky Day...

Today is my lucky day, really! So many nice things happend!
First, I finished my exam yesterday and now I have vacation for 4 days... yay -.- But I have the feeling that I will get a good grade for my exam, so it's okay for me.

Second, I got a new dress today for our Royal Pony Easter Lolita Meet up, so I need to make some accessoires for it. And I finally have time to make a bonnet for another dress. I already cut the hat and some fabric, so now the fun part begins... I want to sew ruffles, but I've never sewn anything before in my life xD

And today I also discovered that I can take Ballett lessons for Beginners at the university! Yes you heard right, I want to start dancing ballett at the age of 20, and I never ever danced before. I don't think that it is impossible, maybe I will never dance en pointe or do good splits, but who cares xD I think it will make fun and this is the important thing for me!

The last thing is, that today a friend wrote me that she feels better and she will wear Lolita again. Something bad in her family happened so she did a break, but I'm very happy that she is back, I missed her!

My new Metamorphose dress ~ Tales of the wood

I love the fawn, and the bunny, and the squirrel, and...

Isn't the print cute?

Today I also realized that I don't own a real Lolita headbow (well I realized it a longer time ago but today I remembered it again because I have no good matching hair accesoires for this dress) and that I also don't own any matching accesoires like socks or jewellery or bags to ANY of my dresses O__O I'm not a good Lolita, I know! xD

So, have a nice evening and if you hear someone curing that's probably me, trying to sew ruffles...

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