Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meeting in Düsseldorf

Yesterday was the birthday party of Lolita friend Nadine. I could stay for lunch only because I had to work in the evening, but it was still a nice day :)
We went to the japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant Okinii, but it's not an buffet restaurant. They have many small dishes of japanese food, and you order them with an iPad and a waiter brings them to your table *__* The food is of very good quality, so I think it's worth paying 16€ for it. I want to go there again and taste all the other food xD

After the restaurant we did some Purikura, and after this I had to go ;_; Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home, so I can't show you the beautiful outfits of Nadine and the other guests. But I can show you my outfit, which I photographed at home :)

I tried to wear a Gyaru inspired outfit, but seriously I don't know much about Gyaru, so I think it's just a normal fancier outfit xD

I love my rainbow top coat, it fits to every nail polish color!

I did my hair for more then 30min and it looked bad :(

Finally, I want to show you something else: Today, the sky was pink!!! So I had to photograph it.

 ~♥~ Thank you for reading ~♥~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Royal Pony in News Paper?!

This is just a short post, but I want to show you a newspaper article. When we had our big Lolita meet-up last saturday, a women saw a part of our group and asked them what they were doing. A girl explained her our fashion, and then the women wrote a newspaper article about it.
I didn't even saw the journalist, I just found the article at a LJ blog yesterday xD

picture by inflamedlips

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pics from laaast Saturday

Last Saturday was our big Lolita meet-up! Over 60 people attended, can you believe it? But I didn't took much pictures with my camera, so I will tell you more about the meet-up later when I got more pictures.

Now I want to show you the pictures from the Saturday before, when I met Marron in Düsseldorf ♥
When I get a new dress, I want to wear it all the time, so I wore my Tales of the Wood JSK again :D












Marron is soo pretty, isn't she??

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and stay tuned for the pictures of the big Lolita meet-up! I wore my Tales of the Wood JSK again, but in a very different way ;D

Here is a first group shot... can you find me? xD
(Click to make it larger)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Full Weekend! Ballett, Meeting in Düsseldorf and Swap&Buy

My weekend was very full, I left home at 8:30h and came home at 22h on both days O__O But it was fun!!

On Saturday morning I had my first Ballett lesson. I have a great teacher, and she is also funny! She's always saying: "It doesn't have to be perfect, I know you have a pain barrier (Schmerzgrenze)" xD I'm so happy that I liked the lesson, because I really have to do sport, and Ballett was the only thing which I thought I would enjoy it, and I do! And I think every Princess should practise dancing ^_^

Btw, since I'm already talking about Ballett, I want to show you some nice dance videos. Sometimes I'm searching for them on YouTube and they are so beautiful... or funny xD

The famous Dying Swan:

Swan Lake - Entrace of the Swans:

Sleeping Beauty - Puss in Boots (this one is funny ^_^):

In the afternoon I went to Düsseldorf to meet Marron! We found out that we like the same music and other things like Hello Kitty, so we had to meet :D Of course it was not the first time we saw each other, but before it was only at meet-ups.

We did some Purikuras, ate Onigiri and took pictures in a little park with colorful flowers! I could't believe that flowers already are blooming, because the weather is still cold -.- I also brought my violin with me, because Marron wanted to hear me playing xD She made a video but my playing sounds horrible, so you only get pictures xD But for now I only show you the Purikuras, and the other pictures in my next post, because we took them with Marrons camera and she wants to give them to me tonight ^_^





On Sunday we had a Lolita Swap&Buy party :D At the beginning we sat down and ate cupcakes for a hour xD Then we decided to start swapping. First, all Lolitas presented their items, and since we were 13 people it took a while until all were finished! And then it has become chaotic when we all started to try on clothes and accesoires and grab the popular items <3 But in the end, not many things were sold, bought or swapped. The first problem was, most people came to sell and not so much to buy items, and the second one was, that we really had 13 different tastes and body shapes. Dammit xD But we already have the idea to organize a bigger Lolita flea market, where people can also come just for buying and not only if they have something to sell too.
At least, all people had a great time during the party, so I'm not sad that I didn't sold anything :)

My purchases:
Angelic Pretty ~ Angel Pony OTKs for 20€
My first AP socks! Usually I really don't buy used socks, but I fell in love with the material of the socks and I even have worn my Angel Pony JSK that day, so I bought them xD

Btssb Tote Bag for 1€
Perfect for university, I already used it the last 2 days :D

Ice cream pendant for 1€

Primark OTKs for 2€

♥♥♥ Thank you for reading ♥♥♥

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New design and stuff

I changed my header and background, do you like it? I liked the old one, but it was too much with stars and planets.. I wanted a more princessly design. I'm not 100% happy with the new design, I think I will change it more when I have more motivation xD It consumes so much time to create a new header or background, even if it is a really simple design O_O

I'm so nervous if the weather will be good for our Lolita Meet-up on 21. April, so I added a weather forecast on my right sidebar. I will update it every day!

This was only a short post, my next one is a bit longer ^-^

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I wish you a happy easter! Have you done something special? My family had an easter brunch, but otherwise we don't celebrate easter that much. But easter isn't finished for me, because in 2 weeks we have our Easter Lolita Meet-up with hopefully good weather, so everyone is wearing an easter or spring outfit, and we can do egg hunting and a picknick. I really really really hope the weather will be good, because over 50 Lolitas want to come to the meet-up, which is a huge number... I think the last meet-up in our area with so many people was 2 years ago?

Yesterday I was at the birthday party of my friend Nyanko. We totally did not took any pictures, so I can't show you the beautiful dress of my friend >_< But I took pictures of my outfit before I left the house.

I post this picture to show you my beautiful golden mirror :D

 Yesterday also my hair was great... it's always hit or miss whether I style my hair pretty or ugly >_<

I added a bunny to the ribbon, because it was easter ^_^

I hope you liked my outfit, have nice Easter Holidays!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Recent cute finds

I was a bit shopping the last days and i found soo cute items, I want to share them with you!

Claires ~ 5€
 A cotton candy necklace!! I'm in heaven since cotton candy is my most favourite food ♥♥♥

H&M ~ 7€
This tights make every boring outfit not-boring xD

Tally Weijl ~ 8€ (?)
 It reminds me of Gyaru stuff xD In the last time I'm looking more for Gyaru-inspired stuff for my daily wardrobe. But most clothes I try on look bad on me -.- That's why I'm afraid to buy real Gyaru clothes from japanese brands, since they are more for small people...

Tally Weijl ~ 10€
 Pink Shoes! I have a Lolita-Fairy-Kei-inspired outfit coordination in my head with this shoes! I will show you my outfit when it's finished ^-^

Nanu Nana ~ 6€
 Isn't this box cuuuuute? I don't know what I should put in there and I don't even have enough space for it (I already have too many boxes on my dresser >_<) but it looks so pretty!

Claires ~ 13€
A big set of ice cream flavoured lip balm! I buy my lip balm always at Claires because the packaging is so cute, and since I use them so often that they empty quickly, I just bought a set because it's cheaper :D

Have a wonderful princessly weekend~

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why do people want to dress mainstream?

Not the fact that it's different makes it good, 
but the fact that it's good makes it different

When you wear an alternative fashion like Lolita, you probably ask yourself why all the other people around you want to wear the boring mainstream fashion. One answer is that not everyone is interested in dressing super fashionable, and that's okay. But then, on the other side, there are so many girls who love to go shopping and create new stylish outfits, but still look kinda the same.
In this post I can't give an answer to that, I just want to write down my own opinion.

(picture by

After I discovered Lolita, I really asked myself why so many people wear boring jeans. I even gave all my jeans to a thrift store because I was so bored of them xD But the longer I thought about the question, the more I asked myself: Do the people want to dress mainstream at all? Because in 'mainstream' fashion, many people feel weird if they meet another person wearing the same shirt like themselves, because only best friends do this. This is one indication that people don't want to look the same like others.

Another problem is, that you just can't dress very different, because in every bigger city you find the same stores: H&M, Pimpkie, Zara, Accessorize... there isn't much variation, and the stores who sell unusual clothes are often expensive boutiques. Of course, as a Lolita, you will say: "Why don't they shop online, I'm always doing this!" but to be honest, I hate to shop online! I really whish I could buy Lolita items in physical stores, because then I could try them on, check their quality and compare if they fit to other things in my wardrobe. Shopping online is also more expensive because of shipping and taxes, and if the item doesn't fit you, you nearly always make a loss, except the item is really sought after or from an expensive brand.

The last problem is something a Lolita always have to deal with: stupid comments and shyness. I think you have to read many studies, theories and philosophies about the mainstream mass to understand why people act like this, but it is a fact that many people don't do what they want because they have fear that other people think bad about them. Even I have the problem: On the one side I don't care about the opinions of others when it comes to Lolita fashion, but on the other side I have to live together with the people around me, so I also have to appear serious to them and that's hard in a pink pony skirt.

And a thing you also shouldn't forget, but many people forget it when thinking about this topic: As a Lolita, you might look very different from the general public, but you look very similar to other Lolitas! To create a really unique Lolita outfit is more than hard, and this is the same in mainstream fashion.
In a world, where all girls are wearing Lolita fashion, you would look mainstream. For me, that wouldn't be a problem, because I wear this fashion for its beautiful appearance, not to look different :)

♥ Now, what do you think about this topic??
Please comment! ♥
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