Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Full Weekend! Ballett, Meeting in Düsseldorf and Swap&Buy

My weekend was very full, I left home at 8:30h and came home at 22h on both days O__O But it was fun!!

On Saturday morning I had my first Ballett lesson. I have a great teacher, and she is also funny! She's always saying: "It doesn't have to be perfect, I know you have a pain barrier (Schmerzgrenze)" xD I'm so happy that I liked the lesson, because I really have to do sport, and Ballett was the only thing which I thought I would enjoy it, and I do! And I think every Princess should practise dancing ^_^

Btw, since I'm already talking about Ballett, I want to show you some nice dance videos. Sometimes I'm searching for them on YouTube and they are so beautiful... or funny xD

The famous Dying Swan:

Swan Lake - Entrace of the Swans:

Sleeping Beauty - Puss in Boots (this one is funny ^_^):

In the afternoon I went to Düsseldorf to meet Marron! We found out that we like the same music and other things like Hello Kitty, so we had to meet :D Of course it was not the first time we saw each other, but before it was only at meet-ups.

We did some Purikuras, ate Onigiri and took pictures in a little park with colorful flowers! I could't believe that flowers already are blooming, because the weather is still cold -.- I also brought my violin with me, because Marron wanted to hear me playing xD She made a video but my playing sounds horrible, so you only get pictures xD But for now I only show you the Purikuras, and the other pictures in my next post, because we took them with Marrons camera and she wants to give them to me tonight ^_^





On Sunday we had a Lolita Swap&Buy party :D At the beginning we sat down and ate cupcakes for a hour xD Then we decided to start swapping. First, all Lolitas presented their items, and since we were 13 people it took a while until all were finished! And then it has become chaotic when we all started to try on clothes and accesoires and grab the popular items <3 But in the end, not many things were sold, bought or swapped. The first problem was, most people came to sell and not so much to buy items, and the second one was, that we really had 13 different tastes and body shapes. Dammit xD But we already have the idea to organize a bigger Lolita flea market, where people can also come just for buying and not only if they have something to sell too.
At least, all people had a great time during the party, so I'm not sad that I didn't sold anything :)

My purchases:
Angelic Pretty ~ Angel Pony OTKs for 20€
My first AP socks! Usually I really don't buy used socks, but I fell in love with the material of the socks and I even have worn my Angel Pony JSK that day, so I bought them xD

Btssb Tote Bag for 1€
Perfect for university, I already used it the last 2 days :D

Ice cream pendant for 1€

Primark OTKs for 2€

♥♥♥ Thank you for reading ♥♥♥

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