Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I wish you a happy easter! Have you done something special? My family had an easter brunch, but otherwise we don't celebrate easter that much. But easter isn't finished for me, because in 2 weeks we have our Easter Lolita Meet-up with hopefully good weather, so everyone is wearing an easter or spring outfit, and we can do egg hunting and a picknick. I really really really hope the weather will be good, because over 50 Lolitas want to come to the meet-up, which is a huge number... I think the last meet-up in our area with so many people was 2 years ago?

Yesterday I was at the birthday party of my friend Nyanko. We totally did not took any pictures, so I can't show you the beautiful dress of my friend >_< But I took pictures of my outfit before I left the house.

I post this picture to show you my beautiful golden mirror :D

 Yesterday also my hair was great... it's always hit or miss whether I style my hair pretty or ugly >_<

I added a bunny to the ribbon, because it was easter ^_^

I hope you liked my outfit, have nice Easter Holidays!

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