Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meeting in Düsseldorf

Yesterday was the birthday party of Lolita friend Nadine. I could stay for lunch only because I had to work in the evening, but it was still a nice day :)
We went to the japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant Okinii, but it's not an buffet restaurant. They have many small dishes of japanese food, and you order them with an iPad and a waiter brings them to your table *__* The food is of very good quality, so I think it's worth paying 16€ for it. I want to go there again and taste all the other food xD

After the restaurant we did some Purikura, and after this I had to go ;_; Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home, so I can't show you the beautiful outfits of Nadine and the other guests. But I can show you my outfit, which I photographed at home :)

I tried to wear a Gyaru inspired outfit, but seriously I don't know much about Gyaru, so I think it's just a normal fancier outfit xD

I love my rainbow top coat, it fits to every nail polish color!

I did my hair for more then 30min and it looked bad :(

Finally, I want to show you something else: Today, the sky was pink!!! So I had to photograph it.

 ~♥~ Thank you for reading ~♥~

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