Saturday, April 7, 2012

Recent cute finds

I was a bit shopping the last days and i found soo cute items, I want to share them with you!

Claires ~ 5€
 A cotton candy necklace!! I'm in heaven since cotton candy is my most favourite food ♥♥♥

H&M ~ 7€
This tights make every boring outfit not-boring xD

Tally Weijl ~ 8€ (?)
 It reminds me of Gyaru stuff xD In the last time I'm looking more for Gyaru-inspired stuff for my daily wardrobe. But most clothes I try on look bad on me -.- That's why I'm afraid to buy real Gyaru clothes from japanese brands, since they are more for small people...

Tally Weijl ~ 10€
 Pink Shoes! I have a Lolita-Fairy-Kei-inspired outfit coordination in my head with this shoes! I will show you my outfit when it's finished ^-^

Nanu Nana ~ 6€
 Isn't this box cuuuuute? I don't know what I should put in there and I don't even have enough space for it (I already have too many boxes on my dresser >_<) but it looks so pretty!

Claires ~ 13€
A big set of ice cream flavoured lip balm! I buy my lip balm always at Claires because the packaging is so cute, and since I use them so often that they empty quickly, I just bought a set because it's cheaper :D

Have a wonderful princessly weekend~

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