Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dokomi - Sunday

The day started totally bad :( First, I overstlept. I wanted to wake up at 7 am, but I didn't heard my alarm clock (okay the truth is that I can turn it off while sleeping, and it happened that day...) so I woke up at 10 am because my friend called me that she is already at the train station. Of course I had to take the next train, but after I run the whole way to the station, I realized that I forgot my entrace ticket O_O So I had to go back and wait another hour. Finally I could drive to the Dokomi, but in the train I realized that I forgot my memory card for my cam >_< So I was really bored that day. This day we were only 3 people and not 7, and the two other friends wanted to help out at the Lolita booth, so I was more or less alone.
I persuaded Quini to play "Just Dance", because there was a booth where you could try out new games. It was sooo much fun, seriously, because I choosed the most stupid song of the game with an even more stupid dance xD
Then I went to the official Games-Room of the convention. They had an area called 'Retro-Arcade' -  you could play very old slot (Spielautomat) games. The problem was, that I didn't know any of the games, and when I asked the staff for a good game, he told me that he has over 2000... yeah... not very helpful xD So after choosing a game which was totally stupid in the end, I just watched the Tekken competition. It was much fun to watch, so I decided that I train with my Tekken game (could you believe that I have a playstation which I didn't use for ... a year??) and if they have a competition again next year, I want to participate xD

After all, I think I will spend more attention to the programm the next times I go to conventions. I think when you go a 2nd time to a convention, it is not as exciting as the first time, so you get faster bored with 'doing nothing' xD

My outfit:

This Saturday is Japan-Day... OMG I'm sooo excited!!! I don't know why, I just am... I really can't wait for it, but I have to do a lot until Saturday... I wanted to sew a bonnet, I think I told you 2 month ago about it? Well, I really hate sewing and it consumes SO. MUCH. TIME. that I have fear to die before I finished this stupid thing. Everything must be hand sewed (ok maybe not, but because I never sewed before with a machine, I don't know if this is possible xD), so it takes hours to sew a little part of it -.-

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dokomi - Saturday

Hello My princessly readers :D

Today was the first day of the german convention 'Dokomi' in Düsseldorf. I would really love to write a long post about today, but I can't. Because I just did NOTHING. I usually don't do anything at conventions, because I'm not into Anime and Manga and just go there to meet other Lolitas, but this time I even did less then usually xD

We drove to Düsseldorf with a group of 7 people (Nyanko, Loopy + 2 friends, Evangeline, Vicky and me). It was really funny, but at the convention we split into smaller groups. I met many people I know, but I just said Hello to them, because everybody wanted to meet everybody, so not much time xD
I decided to took pictures of every Lolita at the convention, but I realized that there were 99% Itas (maybe some of them where real Cosplayers, but since I don't know anything about Manga & Anime, I couldn't recognize them xD), so I gave up the search after 20 minutes.
After 3 hours I met May, and we were so bored that we drove to the J-Mile (a long street where many japanese shops and restaurants are). We took purikura and ate ice cream and Onigiri. After this short trip we drove back to the convention, to pick up our friends for going home. But since May wanted to stay longer, we attended the concert of 'Foocha'. Usually I don't like japanese-heavy-metal-music-something, but this band was very good, so I enjoyed the concert.

My outfit (sorry for the super bad light, I took them after I came home O_O):

And I bought a cute Bento Box and a rose corsage for a hand wrist. It will fit perfectly to my dress for the Japan Day next week!

Tomorrow is the 2nd day of the Dokomi. I'm already very excited but also very tired, because I had and have to stand up at 6 am .....

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New hair and random stuff


Today I went to the hairdresser for a new haircut. I wanted to have bangs for the first time in my life :D
This is how I look now:

First, I wanted a stright pony like the typical Lolita look, but the hairdresser said that my type of haircut (sorry I just don't know the english word xD) is better for summer. Of course I could tell him that I still want a stright cut, but I think it's also nice to try out different styles and this one looks good on me :D

On Monday I also tried out a new hairstyle... I also don't know the english word, but in german it is 'kreppen'. Yeah I felt like a toddler or emo or something, but on the other side I really liked it because my hair was 3 times more voluminous *___* And 90% of the people on the streets have no sense for stylish looks, so at least I don't look worser then 90% of all other people xD
Here a picture of the madness:

Two weeks ago my friend Nyanko showed me the most awesome joghurt of the world. It has pony crisps in it xD But sadly, you could only buy the joghurt for 1 month :(

In my opinion they look more like sheeps, but sheeps are also very cute ^-^

And I got some new Lolita/J-Fashion/Kawaii stuff!
A mint colored dress ~ my new favourite color (after pink xD) ~ H&M ~ 25€

A present from my friend Jinli ♥

A present from my friend Nyanko ♥ ~ I looove HK ♥

Finally shoes which are not to small (all my other Lolita shoes are...)

A bubble gum machine necklace, isn't it awesome?? ~ Claire's ~ 7€

A rose shaped bag *_* ~ Bodyline ~ 5€

That's it for now, thank you for reading,
your Miuko~ ♥

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lolita Meet-up in Bonn


Sorry that I didn't wrote for more then one week ~ I wrote an exam on Saturday (yes, at the lovely weekend -.-) and I have sleep problems... maybe because summer arrived and my body wants to enjoy the few weeks of sun instead of sleeping? I don't know xD

So today I had a Lolita meet-up with my friends :) First we went to a Café named Milky Berry.... yes we showed the Angelic Pretty dress to the owner xD The owner was very interested in our fashion and talked a lot with us. It was so much fun! Later we also met a big human strawberry, which also liked our clothes very much. Don't be shocked, the strawberry was just an advertisement gag ^_^

Like always I overslept, and my friend woke me up because she wrote me a text message... lucky me xD And then I spend over half an hour to curl my hair, but after 1 minute outside it has become flat again, because it was so humid :(
And do you agree that my face looks kinda fat in the pictures?? I already searched for tutorials to make it appear smaller, because the next to weekends I'm going to conventions and I want pretty pictures xD

But now to the pictures from today:
Group Shot ♥

At 'Milky Berry'

My order ~ rice pudding and bubble gum shake

We got them for free because we the owner liked our outfits so much xD

A whole room filled with cacti only ~ scarry O_O

The leaves could hold a weight up to 80kg!

The Sweet Lolitas...

... the EGL/EGA...

... and the lonely Classic Lolita xD

I know what you're thinking! But it's actually the biggest nut of the world :D

The human strawberry xD

Thank you for reading ♥♥♥

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mister Rococo - Lolita Movie // Show about model business


This time I want to show you interesting web links! First I wanted to show you a video from a korean TV show about Lolita which I loved so much, but... it got deleted before I downloaded it :((( But I still mention it because I'm so sad about it ^^''

So the first link is the short movie "Mister Rococo".
To be honest, it is a really stupid movie which contains Btssb - exactly like Kamikaze Girls xD And I also just love it because of the ridiculous story and that a Lolita is the main character xD

 Btw, here is the official page of the movie: http://mrrococo.net/

The second link is only in german, I'm sorry! It is a repotage about models in the fashion industry... I think many girls are currently watching "Germany's next Topmodel", but after watching this repotage I see this industry with different eyes.
Mode, Mädchen und Moneten

But for my international readers I still have something that might be interesting: They talked about the movie Picture Me, where a Top Model filmed her daily life with a secret camera, where she shows the bad sides of the fashion industry.

I hope I could show you some entertaining videos for boring days :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Royal Pony Pictures

Finally I managed to upload the pictures... every time I tried to upload them, they appeared in bad quality here O_O I really don't understand blogspot sometimes xD


















The only thing I don't like about the pictures is, that my socks are slipped down and my wig looks like slipped foward... dammit xD
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