Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dokomi - Saturday

Hello My princessly readers :D

Today was the first day of the german convention 'Dokomi' in Düsseldorf. I would really love to write a long post about today, but I can't. Because I just did NOTHING. I usually don't do anything at conventions, because I'm not into Anime and Manga and just go there to meet other Lolitas, but this time I even did less then usually xD

We drove to Düsseldorf with a group of 7 people (Nyanko, Loopy + 2 friends, Evangeline, Vicky and me). It was really funny, but at the convention we split into smaller groups. I met many people I know, but I just said Hello to them, because everybody wanted to meet everybody, so not much time xD
I decided to took pictures of every Lolita at the convention, but I realized that there were 99% Itas (maybe some of them where real Cosplayers, but since I don't know anything about Manga & Anime, I couldn't recognize them xD), so I gave up the search after 20 minutes.
After 3 hours I met May, and we were so bored that we drove to the J-Mile (a long street where many japanese shops and restaurants are). We took purikura and ate ice cream and Onigiri. After this short trip we drove back to the convention, to pick up our friends for going home. But since May wanted to stay longer, we attended the concert of 'Foocha'. Usually I don't like japanese-heavy-metal-music-something, but this band was very good, so I enjoyed the concert.

My outfit (sorry for the super bad light, I took them after I came home O_O):

And I bought a cute Bento Box and a rose corsage for a hand wrist. It will fit perfectly to my dress for the Japan Day next week!

Tomorrow is the 2nd day of the Dokomi. I'm already very excited but also very tired, because I had and have to stand up at 6 am .....

Thank you for reading!

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