Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dokomi - Sunday

The day started totally bad :( First, I overstlept. I wanted to wake up at 7 am, but I didn't heard my alarm clock (okay the truth is that I can turn it off while sleeping, and it happened that day...) so I woke up at 10 am because my friend called me that she is already at the train station. Of course I had to take the next train, but after I run the whole way to the station, I realized that I forgot my entrace ticket O_O So I had to go back and wait another hour. Finally I could drive to the Dokomi, but in the train I realized that I forgot my memory card for my cam >_< So I was really bored that day. This day we were only 3 people and not 7, and the two other friends wanted to help out at the Lolita booth, so I was more or less alone.
I persuaded Quini to play "Just Dance", because there was a booth where you could try out new games. It was sooo much fun, seriously, because I choosed the most stupid song of the game with an even more stupid dance xD
Then I went to the official Games-Room of the convention. They had an area called 'Retro-Arcade' -  you could play very old slot (Spielautomat) games. The problem was, that I didn't know any of the games, and when I asked the staff for a good game, he told me that he has over 2000... yeah... not very helpful xD So after choosing a game which was totally stupid in the end, I just watched the Tekken competition. It was much fun to watch, so I decided that I train with my Tekken game (could you believe that I have a playstation which I didn't use for ... a year??) and if they have a competition again next year, I want to participate xD

After all, I think I will spend more attention to the programm the next times I go to conventions. I think when you go a 2nd time to a convention, it is not as exciting as the first time, so you get faster bored with 'doing nothing' xD

My outfit:

This Saturday is Japan-Day... OMG I'm sooo excited!!! I don't know why, I just am... I really can't wait for it, but I have to do a lot until Saturday... I wanted to sew a bonnet, I think I told you 2 month ago about it? Well, I really hate sewing and it consumes SO. MUCH. TIME. that I have fear to die before I finished this stupid thing. Everything must be hand sewed (ok maybe not, but because I never sewed before with a machine, I don't know if this is possible xD), so it takes hours to sew a little part of it -.-

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