Friday, May 11, 2012

Mister Rococo - Lolita Movie // Show about model business


This time I want to show you interesting web links! First I wanted to show you a video from a korean TV show about Lolita which I loved so much, but... it got deleted before I downloaded it :((( But I still mention it because I'm so sad about it ^^''

So the first link is the short movie "Mister Rococo".
To be honest, it is a really stupid movie which contains Btssb - exactly like Kamikaze Girls xD And I also just love it because of the ridiculous story and that a Lolita is the main character xD

 Btw, here is the official page of the movie:

The second link is only in german, I'm sorry! It is a repotage about models in the fashion industry... I think many girls are currently watching "Germany's next Topmodel", but after watching this repotage I see this industry with different eyes.
Mode, M├Ądchen und Moneten

But for my international readers I still have something that might be interesting: They talked about the movie Picture Me, where a Top Model filmed her daily life with a secret camera, where she shows the bad sides of the fashion industry.

I hope I could show you some entertaining videos for boring days :D

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