Monday, May 21, 2012

Lolita Meet-up in Bonn


Sorry that I didn't wrote for more then one week ~ I wrote an exam on Saturday (yes, at the lovely weekend -.-) and I have sleep problems... maybe because summer arrived and my body wants to enjoy the few weeks of sun instead of sleeping? I don't know xD

So today I had a Lolita meet-up with my friends :) First we went to a Café named Milky Berry.... yes we showed the Angelic Pretty dress to the owner xD The owner was very interested in our fashion and talked a lot with us. It was so much fun! Later we also met a big human strawberry, which also liked our clothes very much. Don't be shocked, the strawberry was just an advertisement gag ^_^

Like always I overslept, and my friend woke me up because she wrote me a text message... lucky me xD And then I spend over half an hour to curl my hair, but after 1 minute outside it has become flat again, because it was so humid :(
And do you agree that my face looks kinda fat in the pictures?? I already searched for tutorials to make it appear smaller, because the next to weekends I'm going to conventions and I want pretty pictures xD

But now to the pictures from today:
Group Shot ♥

At 'Milky Berry'

My order ~ rice pudding and bubble gum shake

We got them for free because we the owner liked our outfits so much xD

A whole room filled with cacti only ~ scarry O_O

The leaves could hold a weight up to 80kg!

The Sweet Lolitas...

... the EGL/EGA...

... and the lonely Classic Lolita xD

I know what you're thinking! But it's actually the biggest nut of the world :D

The human strawberry xD

Thank you for reading ♥♥♥

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