Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New hair and random stuff


Today I went to the hairdresser for a new haircut. I wanted to have bangs for the first time in my life :D
This is how I look now:

First, I wanted a stright pony like the typical Lolita look, but the hairdresser said that my type of haircut (sorry I just don't know the english word xD) is better for summer. Of course I could tell him that I still want a stright cut, but I think it's also nice to try out different styles and this one looks good on me :D

On Monday I also tried out a new hairstyle... I also don't know the english word, but in german it is 'kreppen'. Yeah I felt like a toddler or emo or something, but on the other side I really liked it because my hair was 3 times more voluminous *___* And 90% of the people on the streets have no sense for stylish looks, so at least I don't look worser then 90% of all other people xD
Here a picture of the madness:

Two weeks ago my friend Nyanko showed me the most awesome joghurt of the world. It has pony crisps in it xD But sadly, you could only buy the joghurt for 1 month :(

In my opinion they look more like sheeps, but sheeps are also very cute ^-^

And I got some new Lolita/J-Fashion/Kawaii stuff!
A mint colored dress ~ my new favourite color (after pink xD) ~ H&M ~ 25€

A present from my friend Jinli ♥

A present from my friend Nyanko ♥ ~ I looove HK ♥

Finally shoes which are not to small (all my other Lolita shoes are...)

A bubble gum machine necklace, isn't it awesome?? ~ Claire's ~ 7€

A rose shaped bag *_* ~ Bodyline ~ 5€

That's it for now, thank you for reading,
your Miuko~ ♥

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