Tuesday, June 19, 2012

100 Lolita Questionnaire: 1 - 10

So guys, I don't have that much to blog at the moment, so I want to start the 100 Lolita Questionnaire, many interesting questions about everything.

I found it at Quini's blog

1. Name or Nickname and birth date:
Miuko, at the end of beautiful May~

2. Height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size?
Hehe a girl never tells her secrets... well I do anyway xD
165cm, 62kg, M, 39.5 Europe/ 25.5 Japanese

3. Why did you start to dress lolita?
I fell in love with the clothing because I always was a princess inside, you could see it at my room and my stuff, but not on my clothes and with Lolita I finally found the clothing I wanted forever! But funny enough that today after 4 years of admiration I still don't wear Lolita everyday, only when I meet other Loli-friends at weekends...

4. Which style of lolita do you like?
Sweet, OTT, Country - also Classic and white EGL but I've never worn this two styles before.

5. Describe your dream coordinate.
I have many dream coordinates but at the moment, I'm planning the perfect strawberry outfit of my life!
Very bad Polyvore picture, I used Pv for the first time O_O

6. Do you have piercings? Where?
I don't want any piercings ever ^^'''

7. What are your favorites Lolita brands?
♥Angelic Pretty♥ and Btssb

8. What is your favorite clothing piece?
My Princess Tiered OP by Angelic Pretty ♥

9. How many lolita friends do you have?
I don't want to say many but I know several girls of which I'm very happy to know them, and which I can always ask for a meet. A few of them also became real friends even if some of them live 2-3hours away from me ;_;

10. What do you like the most in Lolita?
That I can look and feel like a princess and doll when I'm wearing the clothes, and that I can have a wonderful day with other Lolitas even if the only similarity is our fashion.

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