Monday, July 30, 2012

Animagic 2012

From Friday to Sunday I visited the Animagic in my hometown! This year I was an official helper of the Dunkelsüß booth. For all people who don't know Dunkelsüß: It's our german Lolita online community, and since last year we have our own Lolita tent, where some Lolitas sell their handmade stuff :D The labels were Merry Me, Sweet Sakura, L'ame Lazuli, V.arock, Ribbonlicious and Gina Wetzel.

The whole weekend I was just helping, shopping and talking to friends, not so much to write so I put all days in one post ^_^

On Friday the convention started around 13 pm. It was sooo hot that day but I still have worn Lolita, because I just can't go without Lolita to a convention. But I wasn't the only crazy person who wore way too warm clothes that day xD

My friend Nyanko

the best Cosplay ever xD

My friend Mahi

Saturday started for me at 9 am. On this day were the Lolita fashion show and the Lolita panel. I was a model for the fashion show ^_^ Both events were well attended! I was especially surprised by some boys, who definitly came on their own and not because their girlfriend forced them xD

with my friend Creamy => her lovely blog: Klick <3

For the fashion show, I wore a straw hat and a straw basket to present the Country stlye ^_^

On Sunday my day also started at 9 am. On this day I did more or less the same like the other days.

Isn't the Mops bag of my friend awesome???

BTW I was in the news of my hometown and we did a small report about going to Animagic. You can watch it here if you want: Klickuuu :D

Thank you for reading! :-xxx

Just a quick Tagged!

Hello my dear readers,

I was at the Animagic the whole weekend, but I'm too tired now to write a nice report about it, so I will write tomorrow about it :) Now I will just answer the questions I got from Loopy, she tagged me here: Klick <3

1. Do you have pets?
No, but I desperately want a cat!

2. If 3 wishes could come true, what would they be?
More money, endless happiness, world peace... yeah this is a hard question to answer >_>

3. What would you take to a desert island?
A friend, so I wouldn't be lonely ^^ Also pretty clothes and a camera, because I always imagine a desert island as a beautiful place where you can take stunning pictures :D

4. What is your favorite food?
Candy floss, minced meat (Hackfleisch), fastfood from good restaurants (I hate McDonalds!) and cake

5. The thing you hate the most ..?
The disrespectfulness between people

6. Do you have a special talent?
I don't know the english word for "musikalisch", maybe musically? I'm musically xD

7. What do you do in your lunch break?
I eat lunch.

8. Which toothpaste do you use? xD
Why do you want to know this? xD But happily I use a very interesting toothpaste: a cupcake flavoured one from Accoutrements!

9. Are you going on holiday to the seaside or in a rather interesting place?
Both! I love to swim in the sea, but I also love to discover new beautiful places. And when I visit foreign places, I also have to check the culinary side :D

10. How do you think you live in 10 years?
I wish to live in a big city in an old building, so I hope I'm able to do this in 10 years. And I want to have a walk-in closet full with clothes :D

11. Have you been in this month about something really happy? If yes, what was it?
Yes, Paris with Ami <3 and Animagic <3

Monday, July 23, 2012

Paris Day 3 - Sightseeing + Tea Party

On Monday we searched at first for the Bttsb store and this time we found it xD We weren't sure if the shop had opened on Monday, because many smaller shops have not, but when we saw that some people went into the store, we started to run xD They had many reduced items, like a JSK for 175€, but in the end I only bought a pink parasol.

Then we did a little bit sightseeing – the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. We took some pictures and bought Macarons for home at Laduree again, and then it was already time for the special event – the Angelic Pretty Tea Party! My friend missed to buy the tickets, so I had to go alone.

I was soo excited the whole day but also a bit afraid, because I didn't knew any single person. But the french Lolitas were very friendly, and when they saw that I was alone, they came to me and talked with me ^___^ Later I also found two german Lolitas and a Lolita I know from egl!
The tea party was hold at the Ritz hotel – a high luxury hotel, I was very impressed from the beautiful interior, it was really the perfect Lolita location! At the beginning, everyone got an envelope with her name written on it. In the inside were numbers for the raffle and the outfit competition, and candy. When all people entered the room, Maki and Asuka started with a greeting and presented the new collection Chocolate Rosette. They also had two dresses of the collection to look at. I personally didn't understand anything because they translated it from Japanese into French, but a girl was so nice to translate a few parts into english for all foreign Lolitas :D Then you had a little bit free time, what meant: eating cake, taking pictures and drinking juice. Yes, juice and no tea, because they had the best juices I've ever drinked in my live (like coconut banana orange lime mint juice xD) and it was very hot inside. And they also hadn't enough chairs and tables for everyone, so I had to eat my cake while standing.
A little bit later the raffle started. They had 4 pony plush bags (everyone wanted to win them xD), 3 full sets with Strawberry Parlour, Little Birds Symphonia and Smartie-print, 6 totebags+socks (I won one of them :D), some cutsews and some wristcuffs. Everyone who hadn't won something in the raffle got the new catalogue and a postcard.
After the raffle, we had a little time to talk again, then we took the group picture and then everyone could choose the two best outfits which hit the tea party theme (summer princess). The first place won a candle in the shape of the decoration dream cake, and the second place a red-white tasse. And after three hours the tea party already finished. But nobody cared so we stayed for another 30minutes in the room to talk xD When we left the room, everyone got a little present from Maki and Asuka: two buttons, a sticker and a blue mini-totebag with Little Birds Symphonia print :D

Chocolate Rosette

yummy juice *_____*

the present table for the raffle

with the girl from egl <3

two of the many friendly french Lolitas <3

with one of the german Lolitas :D
After the tea party I met with Ami again at the hotel and she also got dressed up to take a few pictures. We wanted to visit a park where usually nearly no tourists go, but it was so scary that we left after 5 minutes and took pictures next to our hotel instead xD

in the scary park...

beautiful Ami-princess ^___^

Thank you for reading!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paris Day 2 - Japan Expo

On Sunday we wanted to visit the Japan Expo. We wanted to arrive at 9 am ... and left the hotel at 10 am xD First we had fear if we will ever made it to the Expo, because the trains were so full that we couldn't make it in two trains! And when we finally arrived at the Expo, there was a huge crowd waiting in the ticket queue. We didn't bought them before but in the end, we hadn't to wait longer then 10 minutes.

The Expo is really huge, 10 times bigger than the biggest german convention! We spent the whole day just looking at the stalls and buying a few things ^^ You really need 5 hours to see everything! I was happy to find the booth of Holley Tea Time very fast, but unforunately many things were already sold out. Lucky me they have an Online Shop :D

This is the mother of the designer ^_^

I bought a candy necklace and a glitter headbow:

In the afternoon was a Harajuku Kawaii Fashion show.
Innocent World, 6%Dokidoki, HellCatPunk and Spinns presented each 4 outfits. I personally loved the 6%Dokidoki show the most, it was so much fun!! Here are two videos with parts of the fashion show: click for 6% and click for IW
And after this was the highlight of the day for me: the showcase of Kyray Pamyu Pamyu!!! I love her so much and her show was great! I never thought I can see her live but finally it happened faster then I thought ^^ Unfortunately her merchandise was soo expensive but now I regret that I didn't bought anything >_<

After the show we went to the booth of 6%Dokidoki. I think it was closed most of the day, so when we arrived there was already a huge crowd before the booth! It was totally war to get any of the items xD But I also have to say, the shop owner were sooooo slow to pack the items. She needed like 5 minutes for one costumer >_< At the end, we bought a twin accesoire, one of their famous shooting star brooches. It cost 19€ but it was totally worth it!!!

I also searched for the booth of NKH World, which host the most awesome TV in the world: TV! I thought there would be something special but no, they only had a big poster for Kawaii.i xD

 Our outfits:

 Here you can see my selfmade tulle headbow, in honour to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paris Day 1 - Shopping

Hello hello I'm back from Paris :D I will make a post for each day, because otherwise it would be too long. Btw I was there with my friend Ami ♥

On our first day we went just shopping! When we arrived at Paris, we had only 30min to find the Btssb store until it closes, but we were so stupid and ran in the wrong direction for 2 times >_< But not too bad because then we were already near the Angelic Pretty store and could meet Maki and Asuka!
They are so nice to you, no matter what you are wearing, and make you feel like you are their favourite costumer xD I wanted to buy some items I reserved, but they forgot my reservation and had nothing anymore.

Then we visited Princess Crepe. This store is sooo cute, the perfect location for a Lolita shooting but unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures. I ordered something with chocolate and it was very tasty!

After this we went to the Lafayette. It is very big and has many beautiful things to buy, but so expensive. Right next to it is also a Sephora store, a paradise for makeup! I bought a Lipgloss and the most glittery blush I've ever seen!

At the end we wanted to try the allegedly world's best Macarons from Laduree... and also world's most expensive ones xD One Macaron costs 3,10€ - but they are very delicious, you have to try them!

At the evening we went again to the Angelic Pretty store, because the shop owner wanted to look if they maybe have something left from my reserved items, but no luck again. But at this time we went back to the Hotel before to change into our pretty clothes, because the shop owner said that the japanese TV will come with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! We waited and waited and she didn't come, so we left after one hour :( But it wasn't too bad because at the next day we met the shop owner again and he told us, that only 5 girls were selected to appear in the japanese TV and also only 5 girls got an autograph from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

For more pictures please look at the blog of my friend Ami: Beauty Doll - Paris Day 1
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