Monday, July 30, 2012

Animagic 2012

From Friday to Sunday I visited the Animagic in my hometown! This year I was an official helper of the Dunkelsüß booth. For all people who don't know Dunkelsüß: It's our german Lolita online community, and since last year we have our own Lolita tent, where some Lolitas sell their handmade stuff :D The labels were Merry Me, Sweet Sakura, L'ame Lazuli, V.arock, Ribbonlicious and Gina Wetzel.

The whole weekend I was just helping, shopping and talking to friends, not so much to write so I put all days in one post ^_^

On Friday the convention started around 13 pm. It was sooo hot that day but I still have worn Lolita, because I just can't go without Lolita to a convention. But I wasn't the only crazy person who wore way too warm clothes that day xD

My friend Nyanko

the best Cosplay ever xD

My friend Mahi

Saturday started for me at 9 am. On this day were the Lolita fashion show and the Lolita panel. I was a model for the fashion show ^_^ Both events were well attended! I was especially surprised by some boys, who definitly came on their own and not because their girlfriend forced them xD

with my friend Creamy => her lovely blog: Klick <3

For the fashion show, I wore a straw hat and a straw basket to present the Country stlye ^_^

On Sunday my day also started at 9 am. On this day I did more or less the same like the other days.

Isn't the Mops bag of my friend awesome???

BTW I was in the news of my hometown and we did a small report about going to Animagic. You can watch it here if you want: Klickuuu :D

Thank you for reading! :-xxx

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