Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paris Day 1 - Shopping

Hello hello I'm back from Paris :D I will make a post for each day, because otherwise it would be too long. Btw I was there with my friend Ami ♥

On our first day we went just shopping! When we arrived at Paris, we had only 30min to find the Btssb store until it closes, but we were so stupid and ran in the wrong direction for 2 times >_< But not too bad because then we were already near the Angelic Pretty store and could meet Maki and Asuka!
They are so nice to you, no matter what you are wearing, and make you feel like you are their favourite costumer xD I wanted to buy some items I reserved, but they forgot my reservation and had nothing anymore.

Then we visited Princess Crepe. This store is sooo cute, the perfect location for a Lolita shooting but unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures. I ordered something with chocolate and it was very tasty!

After this we went to the Lafayette. It is very big and has many beautiful things to buy, but so expensive. Right next to it is also a Sephora store, a paradise for makeup! I bought a Lipgloss and the most glittery blush I've ever seen!

At the end we wanted to try the allegedly world's best Macarons from Laduree... and also world's most expensive ones xD One Macaron costs 3,10€ - but they are very delicious, you have to try them!

At the evening we went again to the Angelic Pretty store, because the shop owner wanted to look if they maybe have something left from my reserved items, but no luck again. But at this time we went back to the Hotel before to change into our pretty clothes, because the shop owner said that the japanese TV will come with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! We waited and waited and she didn't come, so we left after one hour :( But it wasn't too bad because at the next day we met the shop owner again and he told us, that only 5 girls were selected to appear in the japanese TV and also only 5 girls got an autograph from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

For more pictures please look at the blog of my friend Ami: Beauty Doll - Paris Day 1

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