Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paris Day 2 - Japan Expo

On Sunday we wanted to visit the Japan Expo. We wanted to arrive at 9 am ... and left the hotel at 10 am xD First we had fear if we will ever made it to the Expo, because the trains were so full that we couldn't make it in two trains! And when we finally arrived at the Expo, there was a huge crowd waiting in the ticket queue. We didn't bought them before but in the end, we hadn't to wait longer then 10 minutes.

The Expo is really huge, 10 times bigger than the biggest german convention! We spent the whole day just looking at the stalls and buying a few things ^^ You really need 5 hours to see everything! I was happy to find the booth of Holley Tea Time very fast, but unforunately many things were already sold out. Lucky me they have an Online Shop :D

This is the mother of the designer ^_^

I bought a candy necklace and a glitter headbow:

In the afternoon was a Harajuku Kawaii Fashion show.
Innocent World, 6%Dokidoki, HellCatPunk and Spinns presented each 4 outfits. I personally loved the 6%Dokidoki show the most, it was so much fun!! Here are two videos with parts of the fashion show: click for 6% and click for IW
And after this was the highlight of the day for me: the showcase of Kyray Pamyu Pamyu!!! I love her so much and her show was great! I never thought I can see her live but finally it happened faster then I thought ^^ Unfortunately her merchandise was soo expensive but now I regret that I didn't bought anything >_<

After the show we went to the booth of 6%Dokidoki. I think it was closed most of the day, so when we arrived there was already a huge crowd before the booth! It was totally war to get any of the items xD But I also have to say, the shop owner were sooooo slow to pack the items. She needed like 5 minutes for one costumer >_< At the end, we bought a twin accesoire, one of their famous shooting star brooches. It cost 19€ but it was totally worth it!!!

I also searched for the booth of NKH World, which host the most awesome TV in the world: Kawaii.international TV! I thought there would be something special but no, they only had a big poster for Kawaii.i xD

 Our outfits:

 Here you can see my selfmade tulle headbow, in honour to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu :D

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