Monday, July 23, 2012

Paris Day 3 - Sightseeing + Tea Party

On Monday we searched at first for the Bttsb store and this time we found it xD We weren't sure if the shop had opened on Monday, because many smaller shops have not, but when we saw that some people went into the store, we started to run xD They had many reduced items, like a JSK for 175€, but in the end I only bought a pink parasol.

Then we did a little bit sightseeing – the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. We took some pictures and bought Macarons for home at Laduree again, and then it was already time for the special event – the Angelic Pretty Tea Party! My friend missed to buy the tickets, so I had to go alone.

I was soo excited the whole day but also a bit afraid, because I didn't knew any single person. But the french Lolitas were very friendly, and when they saw that I was alone, they came to me and talked with me ^___^ Later I also found two german Lolitas and a Lolita I know from egl!
The tea party was hold at the Ritz hotel – a high luxury hotel, I was very impressed from the beautiful interior, it was really the perfect Lolita location! At the beginning, everyone got an envelope with her name written on it. In the inside were numbers for the raffle and the outfit competition, and candy. When all people entered the room, Maki and Asuka started with a greeting and presented the new collection Chocolate Rosette. They also had two dresses of the collection to look at. I personally didn't understand anything because they translated it from Japanese into French, but a girl was so nice to translate a few parts into english for all foreign Lolitas :D Then you had a little bit free time, what meant: eating cake, taking pictures and drinking juice. Yes, juice and no tea, because they had the best juices I've ever drinked in my live (like coconut banana orange lime mint juice xD) and it was very hot inside. And they also hadn't enough chairs and tables for everyone, so I had to eat my cake while standing.
A little bit later the raffle started. They had 4 pony plush bags (everyone wanted to win them xD), 3 full sets with Strawberry Parlour, Little Birds Symphonia and Smartie-print, 6 totebags+socks (I won one of them :D), some cutsews and some wristcuffs. Everyone who hadn't won something in the raffle got the new catalogue and a postcard.
After the raffle, we had a little time to talk again, then we took the group picture and then everyone could choose the two best outfits which hit the tea party theme (summer princess). The first place won a candle in the shape of the decoration dream cake, and the second place a red-white tasse. And after three hours the tea party already finished. But nobody cared so we stayed for another 30minutes in the room to talk xD When we left the room, everyone got a little present from Maki and Asuka: two buttons, a sticker and a blue mini-totebag with Little Birds Symphonia print :D

Chocolate Rosette

yummy juice *_____*

the present table for the raffle

with the girl from egl <3

two of the many friendly french Lolitas <3

with one of the german Lolitas :D
After the tea party I met with Ami again at the hotel and she also got dressed up to take a few pictures. We wanted to visit a park where usually nearly no tourists go, but it was so scary that we left after 5 minutes and took pictures next to our hotel instead xD

in the scary park...

beautiful Ami-princess ^___^

Thank you for reading!!!

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