Monday, August 6, 2012

100 Lolita Questionnaire: 21 - 30

21. What are your hobbies?
Besides Lolita, my general hobby is classical music: I have violin lessons at the moment but I also learned flute and piano. I also like to arrange music pieces or just sitting in front of my laptop and watch music videos -  I can do this for hours. I also like crafting and watching TV series.

22. What is your favorite perfume?
Vanilla from Ives Rocher, because it smells like candy cotton for me. But in general I love all sweet perfumes xD
23. Do you take special care while wearing Lolita clothes?
I always try not to destroy my clothing, no matter how much they cost. But if one of my Lolita items breaks it hurts me more then normal clothing ^^'''

24. What places do you like visit wearing Lolita clothes?
Castles, parcs, gardens, pretty

25. How many times a week do you dress lolita?
In summer I wear it every weekend, but in winter only 1 day per month or even less, because I hate coldness and prefer to stay at home ^^

26. What is your Lolita story?
I discovered Lolita through the song "Rich Girl" from Gwen Stefanie - in this song she sings about Harajuku Girls and I wanted to know what this is xD It was around 2007, but I got really interested in this fashion in 2008 and started to wear it in 2010.

27. What is your current hairstyle and colour?
Shoulder length hair, side pony and my natural hair color (brown-red)

28. Tell us a funny story of you Lolita related:
In Germany you hear often the comment: "Is already carnival?" - but one time I was asked this exactly at carnival xD

29. Do you store your Lolita clothes in a special place?
Unfortunately I don't have so much space, so I only have one closet for all clothes, but my normal clothes are hanging on the left side and my Lolita clothes on the right side :D

30. Did you ever think leave Lolita? Why?
Yes I thought about it because Lolita clothes are so expensive, and because of all the haters who post to stupid communities. But I found out that the joy of Lolita is for me to create new different outfits and not to have a huge closet, and that all the haters are nearly only existing online, since I met soo many lovely girls through Lolita!

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