Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2. Royal Pony - Ponylicious

Hello my dears <333

Last Saturday was our second Royal Pony Lolita meet-up. This time the weather was good so we finally could make a picknick (last time we also wanted to do it but it started to rain -.-). Our themes were Ponys and Flowers... I hoped for many people in pony dresses but most people wore something else ^^''' Okay it was no rule to wear Ponys but still xDDD

The day started a bit bad, I was unhappy with my hair, my outfit and my make up and also May (our third organizer) was ill, and because Yuki and me were at the park to prepare a game, nobody could wait at the central station for the guests and we two came nearly half an hour too late >_< Yeah the orga is too late xDD But in the end nobody was mad at us. I was just a bit mad because more then 50 people applied for the meet-up, but less than 40 actually came...

So we went to the park, and because everybody was hungry we started to picknick first.
Then Yuki and me presented the game: a Lolita paper chase (Schnitzeljagd). Well it was like a normal paper chase but with Lolita questions at each hideout. Yuki and me had fear if the people liked the game, but I think everyone had fun ^_^

Then we started to take pictures and everyone splitted into smaller groups. The park was really big, so when I was finished to take pictures with my friends and wanted to leave, we couldn't find many of the others to say goodbye ^^'''

So on to the pictures!
The whole group (Click on it for a bigger view)

People with pony prints, pony bags or ponys in the hair ;-P

I LOVE this picutre, it's my favourite from the whole day!

With Lisa and her cute Pony <3

Isn't Ami pretty???

Her bonnet was AWESOME!!!

Yuki <333

Loopy who stole Mr. Rococo :-P <333

Always fighting and fighting...

... Ponys are serious buisness! ...

... but we can also behave well :-P

At the end, it was a very lovely day! And our next meet-up is already planned, so stay tuned :D

~*~ <3 Thank you very much for reading! <3 ~*~

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