Sunday, August 12, 2012


I got tagged from Ayraleona, and I found the questions interesting so I answered them :D

1. Do you have a favorite author?
I only read a very few books in my life, so it doesn't really count when I call an author as my favorite one xD But my favorite book series is from Lemony Snicket a.k.a. Daniel Handler ^^
2. Do you read mangas? If yes which ones? If no why not?
I only read a single one in my whole life, I'm just not interested in this kind of books. I also don't like comics except The Simpsons.

3. Did you ever cry because of a movie? Which one was it?
I think yes but I could never admit it xD In general I rarely watch movies, but I watch a lot of TV series and from time to time I have to cry at dramatic scenes ^^'''
4. Do you collect anything?
~ My Little Pony 4G figures
~ Smint and TicTac cans (only the ones I ate myself)
~ cat figures made from fur
~ postcards from places I visited
5. With which music you can party the most?
Even if it is not my normal taste of music, I love the David Guetta shit for partys xD
6. Fashion is a matter of taste, is there anything you would never wear?
Leggins, because people wear them as tights but forgot they are pants!
7. What are your favorite shoes?
In general I love enamel shoes, because they look more elegant. And I prefer flat shoes, because my feet are hurting all the time -.-
8. Is there anything you always have in your fridge?
9. Which event will you visit next?
I think the Frankfurter Buchmesse (bookfair)
10. To which concert you went last? 
To the "Eisheilge Nacht", where two of my favourite bands played - Subway to Sally and Fiddlers Green
11. Do you use your nickname in real life, too?
No, because it feels ankward for me xD

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