Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meeting friends in Münster

Last Saturday I travelled to Münster to meet some friends. We had a little picknick and then took pictures in the beautiful botanical garden. But unfortunately, the garden is really green and don't have so many colorful backgrounds for Sweet Lolitas xD

(Sorry for the bad quality, I honestly don't know why blogger sometimes reduces the quality of the pictures with no reason O__O)

May and me had matching outfits :D

In the jungle

Gangnam Style xDDD

Here you can see my pretty hairstyle - May did it for me because I can't do it myself >-<

The tree looks so pretty in the middle of the lake

May in the fairy tale forest

The leaves were crazy big O_O

 My first time trying to make some gifs xD

Thank you very much for reading!!!

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