Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The different styles of Sweet - DECO LOLITA


Deco Lolita is a mix of Decora and Lolita Fashion. Some people are complaining that this style is just Decora with a Lolita dress, but that's not true! I will show you the differences in my following explanations ^_^

In Decora it's normal to use your real hair in your natural color. Dyed hair is also okay but you don't wear wigs. However in Deco Lolita it's necessary to have voluminous hair, usually a wig in unnatural colors. For the best overfilled look you can backcomb your hair into two giant pictails.

The preffered colors are popping colors like hot pink, red or vibrant blue, mixed with some pastel colors. In this way you create a very busy appearance.

This is the most important fact in Decora: Wear as many accessoires as possible! You're not only wearing multiple necklaces, bracelets and rings, but you also overfill your outfit from head to toe, which could be many buttons on your dress, plushies turned into bags, a huge amount of pendants on the bag, several toys placed anywhere in the outfit, and even rhinestones and stickers in the face! 

But the hair decoration is different in Deco Lolita: while you wear a ton of simple hairclips in Decora, you choose less but bigger hairclips in Deco Lolita. Usually you wear a big headbow and place plushy clips, rhinestones, decorated mini hats and more bows around it.

In Decora fashion it's necessary to layer clothes, like wearing multiple skirts and shirts. But in Deco Lolita you wear usually one JSK or OP with a poofy petticoat and all-over print. You can wear several socks and leg warmers. For shoes you choose typical Lolita shoes like Mary-Janes instead of sneakers.

It's important to wear heavy makeup, especially if you are wearing a giant wig and several stickers in your face, so your face doesn't get lost between all the hair and accessoires. That means fake lashes, Circle Lenses and a popping lipstick color. But the makeup should still look pretty, don't look like a clown ^_~

Example for giant hair

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