Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankfurt Bookfair

Hello my cuties!

Two weeks ago I visited the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt bookfair) ... yeah I was a bit lazy to post about it xD In case you don't know it, well it's a normal bookfair with a lot of books and authors who present their books, and people who cook burgers in the cooking book area and give you rainbow cake and coconut soup to eat xD
Some years ago the bookfair wanted more young visitors, so they decided to organize the finals of the German Cosplay Competition there and that's why every year a huge number of Cosplayers visit the bookfair, even if there is no programming like at conventions. My friends and I decided to visit the bookfair - of course in Lolita - but when we arrived, we had to realize that they where just very few Lolitas and it was really hard to enjoy the bookfair in Lolita, because everyone wants to take pictures and don't take you for serious that you really just want to look at books xD. So we walked around, looked at some books, took some pictures and got bored xD But in the afternoon we meet two other very cute and lovely Lolitas and we talked for about three hours I think! So with this girls the bookfair turned out good but if we hadn't met them it would be probably a very boring day. The bookfair is really more interesting for Cosplayer!

One good thing: I could finally twin with Ami, but I think we can improve because we HAVE more matching accessoires but I didn't wore them xDD And I seriously need a pink blouse!!

 What do you think about my hair? And btw I still think headbows look weird at me, that's why I never buy them and I only have this one because I got it in a set with the dress xD

The two lovely girls we met are the 2. and 3. from left ^_^

Our group with Loopy, Ami, me & Jasmin

Thank you for reading~ ♪♫

Monday, October 22, 2012

What you should not do if you want to wear make-up

I didn't participated in this weeks Blog Carnival because I don't hit exactly the theme but I got very inspired by the current topic, so in case you recognize some similarities ^_^

Pictures are from here and here, klick especially the 2nd link if you want to read about a skin care junkie (there is nothing bad with it I just want to share ^^)


But to be honest, if you don't know what primer, eyelash curler and lip plumper are, you probably don't need it!
I think too often girls have fear NOT to use a beauty product, because they don't want to look like someone stupid. But do you really think putting more unnatural chemics into your face and torturing it with more tools is really better?

Unfortunately too many girls behave like this:
1. Favourite make-up guru says you HAVE to buy item xy
2. You run to the store spending too much money for something you don't even know if you really need it

But I think you should better do this steps:
1. You notice that your skin/make-up isn't like you want it or like it should be (for example: you used powder every day and now your skin is dry)
2. You search for a product that fits to your personal needs (buying moisturizer)

Of course it isn't bad to try out new products. But you don't need everything. For example I don't make masks with quark and honey and put them on my face, I don't dive my hair in coconut oil, I don't use base coat when doing my nails, I don't do facial gymnastics... and I still have healthy skin and hair and look pretty ^_^

So please girls, don't feel bad because you don't use something everyone else does... you can't measure healthy and good-looking skin by the amount of products you use and how much time you spend in the bathroom!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Prints you would like to see

I have to say I'm really satisfied with the amount of prints and designs we have in our Lolita fashion. There are so many items I really want to have and I can't decide which I find the best. I also feel that the brands already made all kind of prints which are human possible, but then they come up with a new print every few months and I have a new item I can add to my already-far-to-long-wishlist xD

But there are a few things I really want to see on a dress and I would sell my whole closet to get these prints!!!! ... okay just kidding I could never sell my closet because I love every piece of it way too much xD

Royal Pug
There are already a few crown prints, but I've actually never seen a really glamorous pompus glitz I'm-so-rich royal print. And what is more royal then a pug! When I'm imagining the print, I also have to think at Harald Glööckler. He's a german fashion designer and famous for his crazy style.

Königlicher Mops
(image credit: Jesse Draper & Harald Glööckler)

Diamond Princess
Nooo this print is not similar to the first one xD But you probably realized that I'm into glitter! I really love Hime Lolita outfits, and I think there are many dresses you could use but they are usually one-colored or have a flower print. But I think diamonds are also veeeery princessly so this is a print which is totally necessary :D
(image credit:

OMG Hello Kitty
Sorry guys but I really really really love Hello Kitty so I need urgently a print with this cute little cat! Angelic Pretty and Btssb already released some Hello Kitty items, but the only one with an actual Hello Kitty figure on it was the Btssb dress (OMG I want it sooo badly >_<). I know that you can buy fabric with all-over Hello Kitty print, but I was thinking about a design like Milky Chan, where the little Hello Kittys are incorporated into a bigger print and not just randomly spread over the whole dress.

 (image credit: unknown & brothersoft & legossip)

I admit I just added the last picture because this dress is so hilarious xD

What do you think about my prints? Would you wear them? Please tell me :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lolita meet-up and new Puri machine

Hello my dears!

On Saturday was a little Lolita meet-up in Cologne, organized by my lovely friend Loopy <3 We were around 12 people? I'm not really sure because some people left before we took our group picture.
I wore my new Little Bears Cafe JSK for the first time and I 'twinned' with my friend Evangeline ... okay we only had the similar print and nothing else, but at least it was the same dress so I was happy xD But we already planned our twin outfit, we want to sew Donut aprons for the dresses!

First we went to a Cafe and then we tried the new Purikura machine! I was so happy and excited when I heard that cologne also has a Puri machine, and I thought about how often I could go there... BUT the machine is not that great ;__; It has no real photo paper, there is no good light, and when you touch the screen to apply a stamp, the stamp appears 2-5cm away X__X The machine itself is nice because you can make as many pictures as you want and you can choose from 10000000 backgrounds and 10000000 stamps and can repeat a picture as many times as you want in case you don't like it, so it's really sad that the pictures don't turn out so well.

with Evangeline

with Loopy

with Vicky and Susaricah

We got the Mini Mochi as a present from the shop owner, they are really delicious <3

Thank you for reading~ <333

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2nd Sweet Harajuku Day

On Saturday was the 2nd Sweet Harajuku Day. Well to be honest it wasn't really a Meet-up, most people did their own thing because of some troubles, but yeah we still had a nice day ^_^

At first I met Ami and Loopy a bit earlier, because I wanted to buy a Hime dress (my first one from a real Hime brand xD) from another girl. We went to drink a Bubble Tea and then we met the other girls. Most of them were dressed in Gyaru/Hime and a few in Fairy Kei and Lolita. They looked all so lovely and pretty! <3

After the obligatory Purikura and eating an Onigiri, we went to a chinese restaurant. Alina celebrated her birthday and she said we can come also to the restaurant if we want ^^ The food was really delicious and it was the first time that I ate real chinese food! Because the usual restaurants who dare to call themselves 'Chinese' have only fried chicken and other fried meat, with fried vegetables, with fried noodles... well you can eat it if you're hungry but it's not too tasty.

I also wore my kind-of-under-100$-Lolita-outfit ... "kind of" - first it wasn't under 100$ because I don't own the nice cheap shoes I showed you in my last post, and second I think the outfit doesn't look that Lolita-ish especially because I didn't wore my huge petticoat, but to be honest I also wanted that the outfit looks more like Hime and not so much Lolita xD

(Thank you Ami for the pictures again... I forgot my camera on that day ;_____;)

Me, Loopy, Ami and Marron

I traded a blouse for the Pony that day, and I searched for a name... Marron wanted to call it Edward, but I wanted it to be a female Pony xD So I decided to call it Marron-Junior :D

And here the new items I got that day:
Tralala dress, Chocomint headbow and Kidsyoyo pony <333

Thank you for reading~ <3
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