Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2nd Sweet Harajuku Day

On Saturday was the 2nd Sweet Harajuku Day. Well to be honest it wasn't really a Meet-up, most people did their own thing because of some troubles, but yeah we still had a nice day ^_^

At first I met Ami and Loopy a bit earlier, because I wanted to buy a Hime dress (my first one from a real Hime brand xD) from another girl. We went to drink a Bubble Tea and then we met the other girls. Most of them were dressed in Gyaru/Hime and a few in Fairy Kei and Lolita. They looked all so lovely and pretty! <3

After the obligatory Purikura and eating an Onigiri, we went to a chinese restaurant. Alina celebrated her birthday and she said we can come also to the restaurant if we want ^^ The food was really delicious and it was the first time that I ate real chinese food! Because the usual restaurants who dare to call themselves 'Chinese' have only fried chicken and other fried meat, with fried vegetables, with fried noodles... well you can eat it if you're hungry but it's not too tasty.

I also wore my kind-of-under-100$-Lolita-outfit ... "kind of" - first it wasn't under 100$ because I don't own the nice cheap shoes I showed you in my last post, and second I think the outfit doesn't look that Lolita-ish especially because I didn't wore my huge petticoat, but to be honest I also wanted that the outfit looks more like Hime and not so much Lolita xD

(Thank you Ami for the pictures again... I forgot my camera on that day ;_____;)

Me, Loopy, Ami and Marron

I traded a blouse for the Pony that day, and I searched for a name... Marron wanted to call it Edward, but I wanted it to be a female Pony xD So I decided to call it Marron-Junior :D

And here the new items I got that day:
Tralala dress, Chocomint headbow and Kidsyoyo pony <333

Thank you for reading~ <3

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